Ain't Been Doin' Stunts


Another week of sun filled good times, made possible thanks to Tesco's mini Heineken deals. Don't really like Tesco, but twelve cans for nine quid is twelve cans.

Hey, Jeff's still gnarly! Forget the slappys, lets see more of this shit. Reid on the photo props.

Big happy birthdays to Yung Uzi aka Jake Knight and the man who is the secret force behind all Go Skate Day, Plaza Comps, CSC parties and everything else, Mr Enthusiasm Events Al Power who both celebrated their birthdays this weekend. Much love and mad respekt!

You probably didn't realise, but we missed out on our normal Monday links last week cos we got too caught up in the Washer / P-Man pro board hype. In fact, we're still caught up in it. Head over to Vague Mag now to watch the full edit, and see some very pretty photos captured by CSC Official 35mm Documentarian, Reid Allen. And don't forgot to buy one of the most sought after decks in recent history here.

New arrivals; obv's the Pirate Man decks, Handy SS18 drop, new decks from Polar and National, caps from Theories, Quasi, Welcome and Indy, wheels from Wayward, and other bits of clothing from Indy.

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PT's finest Pedro managed to film a joint part with Tommy and Smaust during a week trip to Barca in Two In The Chest.

What is it with Russians being gnarly? Gosha Konyshev takes the Kremlin with this one. -14C Temperatures and still unfazed. Mad'ed.

Jérémie Daclin spits some interview bars with Free mag about the demise of Cliché, starting a new truck brand and generally being a fucking legend in every sense of the word. Oh, and there's a new part from him there.

Speaking of Free Mag, their opinion piece about Street League is worth a read, regardless of how you feel about it.

Cowabunga dood.

Austyn's surname is Gillette cos he's the best a man can get. Radiant Cure is the part we've been waiting for what feels like a lifetime. His follow up interview is pretty insightful too.

Gonz got Memory Screen'd for his 50th birthday.

Fucking yes new Magnus part. Scandi-power!

Jamie Foy drops another heavy part. Literally matches the amount of footage output as his food intake. 

Shaun Witherup + Velvet Underground.

Quartersnacks and Frog came to Paris for nothing. PS new Hjalte footage 😍

Lotties x Spitfire is some serious shit.

Go Skate Day's coming up, this should give you an idea to what's on the cards.

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