Post-Sun Comedown


While everyone was enjoying all the good and long overdue sunshine this weekend, Guto's biggest rival to 'worlds nicest guy in Cardiff' Ethan was back home in Bridgend recovering from a gnarly slam at Bute. Broken collar bone and bigass gash in his head. Get well soon Ethan!

However, before he took the slam of all slams that shook the world, Ethan managed to pull a load of tricks out of the bag with Jeff, Dan, Collins and Lloyd on our newly re-sorted-out block. Big ups to Llyr for sorting that. Everyone buy him a pint and come and have a skate yeah?

Can we start tying to put a stop to this? And not just as the plaza? I know the bin situation in Cardiff isn't the best, but shitting on your own doorstep isn't helping anyone.

New arrivals: The Wordsmith series from Heroin is our favourite series to come in the shop. Definitely some keepers in there. The Caffeine tee is also rad. Talking of tees, also has some new Blast tees with wee little mascot on them in. Available in Black and White. We had to get some Yes Fam! in the store too, rad decks for only £45.

Also had Palace S18 decks show up, but ain't had the chance to put them online....yet. Watch this space etc

Pedro picked out some of his favourite classic big ass shoes.

Happy birthday to our favourite iPhone toting filmer Harry Jones! He likes a larg, and you should buy him one.

Cons have come out with probably the best #sportswear brand video of the year. More flavour than a pack of Disco crisps.

Hectic sees CJ, Korahn, Kyron, Casper, Mr Steal Your Board and more in South Africa. You know Will Miles always comes through with the good good edits. Possibly has the best backtail in recent history too.

Gronze Island it's gonna be your new favourite skateboarding serial.

Zered ♥️

Never heard of Bob Spanbauer before, but if you asked us, would probably say he's some Euro guy...not someone from SF. Never judge a book by it's something or other.

Kelvin Bowl looks pretty class if you ask us.

Always been a fan of Daryl Angel.

Jazz Square certainly deserves your signature to help save it.

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