What does that taste like?


Back to posting on a Monday. Finally getting our shit together? Maybe.

When did Jess become the official photographer with just an iPhone? PS Love the checks Ethan.

Spit's birthday party yesterday was as always, class. A thousand big ups to Christian, Nia and the rest of the Spit team for providing the best place pretty much ever. 

Tommy's Seven pro part is a bit of a mind blower. Tech R Us

CJ gets the cover of Grey. Fuck yeah Chris!

Harry Lintell's certainly stepped it up a few notches. Interview's a good read too.

New Quartersnacks x Nike SB collab is heart eyes emoji. Antonio slays.

Haven't heard of John Dilorenzo before, but he's pretty good. Shout out to Dan Bunn for the heads up on that one. 

How come no one's done this in Cardiff yet?

Sidewalk producing #goodcontent again. Part 1 of the Doug McLaughlan doco is pretty insightful. 

Speaking of Sidewalk content, Wig's Mwadlands gallery has some gems.

'Skates like Nurding' - a Sidewalk forum review of Lil' Wayne's new part.

CRV WKD's Dannie Carlsen got a colourway on Globe.

The pictures from Severn's Budapest trip are well nice.

Josh Stewart waxes lyrical about the rules of music supervision and other video bits with Village Psychic. I know this came out out before last weeks entry, but what you gonna do?

Some how came across this, provided a few giggles.

Remember last week when we said about having new boards but them not being online? Well, those boards are online now, but our new delivery of WKND, 5Boro, Traffic, Skate Cafe, DGK and Doom Sayers will be online tomorrow.

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