Shout out to Wales winning on Saturday.

Jakey Big Dick Collins's Terrible Acting part for Free and Nike SB has got a touch of everything for everyone

Harry Jones has been coming through the Insta hammer clips.

A post shared by Harry Jones (@thehazzaman) on

A post shared by Harry Jones (@thehazzaman) on


The Severn crew consisting of CSC heads Jimmy and Conor, along with Manny Lopez, Charlie Munro, Will Creswick and Joe Coward's edit of the antics they got up to in Budapest has dropped on Vague. That Jimmy slam isn't for the faint hearted. Make sure you grab a copy of the mag to see the pretty pictures and read Conor's insightful words.

Chewy's Jetlag Brothers is probably gonna be your new favourite company of 2018.

Tying in with the release of Lakai's new Bristol shoe, the UK Lakai team put out an edit of them in Bristol. How very meta. Pick up of pair of the Bristol's here.

Trailer number 2 for Chris Mulhern's new video. You know that when the trailer is a heavy 6 minute edit as it is, the full thing's gonna be a goody. Philly represent!

Plot twist - Jerry Hsu watches Bake Off.

An 8 minute condensed version of Leeds' finest skateshop Welcome's video, Paul. The full ting's here, if that's your ting.

Couple of people have their knickers in a right twist about the Anti Hero x Nike SB collab. Not sure what the complaints are all about really, but the clips got new BA footage and some of the best stuff from GT in ages. Less tran, more street, no skinhead.

14 minutes of East Coast gold from this century's first 10 years filmed by Tombo Colabraro. Has everyone from skinny Bobby Worrest, skinny Freddy Gall, Reece Forbes back to Bobby Puleo.

Grand Collection crew out in BCN. Wade <3 PS shoutouts to using Marnold's track from the Cafe video.

Cons and Grey get a bit arty in Downtime. Bobby footage in London tho so 🙋

Lots of new shit into the shop this week. Spring decks from WKND, wheels from SML, new stuff from Handy, and Nat's bearing company; Cortina.

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