WKND Spring Decks - Shop Now

by Mike
All new graphics from the WKND crew, all the decks available to buy now at Cardiff Skateboard Club.

WKND have come through with one of their strongest lines to date. There's a new Babe series! We know how much everyone loved the OG series. The new series features Angelina Jolie from the great, great movie Girl, Interrupted and Aaliyah. Both deck graphics are hand painted by WKND pro Alexis Sablone.

Next up is Raymond Molinar's Doggystyle pro model, which has the sickest dog straight chilling in a car.

Also in the range is the Lyric series, which are definitely the best graphics to come out of WKND. Alexis, Johan Stuckey, Jordan Taylor and Austyn Gillette all have signature models in the series.

All the boards retail for £60 and come with free Mob griptape.

Shop and buy all WKND Skateboards online now at Cardiff Skateboard Club.

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