The Bay Falcon Rises


Quite the eventful weekend. The Bay Falcon rose, resulting in a pro-longed version of this. We all wish we were as tough as the Falcon. But such is life sometimes. Then someone on Saturday decided to steal our sign / your wallie. Well sound m8.

But it's Webb's birthday today! Go give him some Insta knucks.

New bit at Spit looks fun. Thanks for being so good at making stuff Jason, proper ledge.

Where is Sean Smith?

Grant from Generator Woodshop spoke to Vice about why deck prices haven't really changed in 30 years. Although this comes just as deck prices have gone up in the UK. Safe Brexit, that was sound of you.

14 minutes of the raw footage from the CRV WKD boys in Cava Brain #2.

Dom Henry and Manny Lopez produce some moves with their Italian counterparts in NB#'s Britalia.

Griffin Gass tests out the new Lakai Bristol shoe.

Wondered where we steal our ideas from? Tom Knox picks out 5 of the best for QS.

Kalis displays some of the rad stuff he's collected over the years. Having tiles from Love and Sants sat in your garage must be pretty sweet.

New decks into the store this week from Girl and Chocolate. And we had some sick pin badges from Hass / SmakTown arrive.

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