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The kind people over at Hockey have been working overtime to bring you another relentlessly sick drop to help usher in 2021; with a wide range of decks and a complementary selection of tees, this drop is not to be missed.

Always pushing the limits of skateboard design with their decks, Hockey's latest drop does not disappoint, with almost every deck featuring tactile elements in their graphics. From raised graphics, to textured artwork, if the boys over at Hockey know one thing it's how to keep shit interesting.

Hockey 'Chaos' Deck

The 'Looking Glass' deck is probably one of the most exciting pieces, as it features a fully textured graphic that kinda feels like one of those fancy Christmas cards that cost a tenner. The knobbly texture just screams quality - proof that it was crafted by the honest, simple, hard-working indigenous aboriginal people of wherever - while the picturesque design will instantly transport you to a serene world that could only be home to Bob Ross.

Hockey 'Looking Glass' Deck

Also featuring a raised graphic, John Fitzgerald's 'Nerve' deck comes in two different colourways. The graphic is textbook Hockey and features their signature multi-medium collage style, combining a depiction of the central nervous system that looks like its pulled straight from a medical textbook with a shot from some vintage horror film. Alongside the decks, this graphic also comes in a selection of tees if that's more your thing.

John Fitzgerald 'Nerve' Graphic

Probably my favourite deck in the series, Nik Stain's 'Crippling' graphic wouldn't look out of place on a D-beat album cover with it's raw, brutal art style. The graphic features a pretty stressed out looking bloke pressed flat against a wall, evoking feelings that many of us can probably recognise after a year in lockdown. I don't think it's far-fetched to say that this series clearly bears some reference to issues surrounding mental health - with the name, 'Crippling', and the artwork carrying connotations of anxiety - and it's sick to see Hockey, at the very least, drawing attention to these issues.

Nik Stain 'Crippling' Deck

Other honourable mentions go to Andrew Allen's 'Allen's Inferno' Deck, Donovon Piscopo's 'Dawn' Deck, and Kevin Rodrigues' 'Souvenir' Deck, which all feature raised graphics and some bangin' artwork. This collection has more decks than you can shake a stick at and some sick tee's, so click here to check out the full range of Hockey gear online at CSC, or browse below.

Donovon Piscopo 'Dawn' Artwork
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