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Powell Peralta 'Dragon Formula' 52mm x 31mm 93a Wheels (Green)

Powell Peralta 'Dragon Formula' 52mm x 31mm 93a Wheels (Green)

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Designed to bridge the gap between soft and hard wheels, the Powell Peralta 'Dragon Formula' skateboard wheels are one of the biggest breakthroughs in skate technology since the popsicle deck. Whether you’re cruising over rough ground or charging round your local skatepark, the Powell Dragon Formula wheels can handle whatever you throw at them.

Powell's new Dragon Formula urethane is specially engineered to combine the best qualities of soft and hard wheels for a truly all-purpose skateboard wheel. With a durometer of 93a the Powell Dragon wheels guarantee a smooth ride on rough ground while still allowing you to slide when you want them to, whether that's bombing a hill or tailsliding a ledge.

The Powell Peralta Dragon Formula 52mm wheel features the classic rounded shape of Powell's V1 construction with rounded edges and a thin contact area for cleaner pop. Take the first step towards the future and buy Powell 'Dragon Formula' wheels from CSC today!

  • 52mm 
  • 31mm Wide
  • Dragon artwork
  • 93A Durometer
  • Round cut shape
  • Powell Dragon Formula
  • Designed for street and park skating
  • Roll smooth on rough ground and slide when you want them to
  • Green

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