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Skateboard Decks are the pieces of wood you put your feet on, but they're also so much more. With different brands producing decks with different widths, lengths, wheelbases, and concaves, there are countless factors which will affect the way your deck feels - but don't worry, this pretty much all comes down to personal preference and is something that you'll figure out with time.

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The best way to choose a new deck is definitely to go to your local independent skate shop and stand on one! You will never be able to get the same feel for a deck from pictures, so support your local and get down there to try one out. If you have to buy online, check the photos carefully and choose wisely! There are many many brands to choose from, but fewer manufacturers. For example Real, Krooked and Anti Hero are all made by Deluxe and all have the same, or similar, shapes, concaves and wood. If you enjoyed riding an Anti Hero 8.25 with a 14" wheelbase, you should enjoy the same sizes from other brands using Deluxe to make their decks. Despite all these technical considerations, the most important part of choosing a deck has gotta be the artwork, because skateboarding, fundamentally, is all about looking cool. We stock decks from a wide range of companies including legendary global brands like Real, Anti Hero, Polar, Palace, and Hockey, alongside even more legendary local brands like Carve Wicked, Isle, National Skateboard Co, Fore-Cast, Skate Cafe and Heroin. All our decks are hand-selected by the Gaffa with strict emphasis on quality control, so only the illest designs make it onto the shop floor and into your hands. 'But how does it stick to your feet?!', I hear you ask, well the answer is simple; all our decks come with free MOB Griptape - the best in the business when it comes to getting skateboards to stick to your feet when you do those jumps and stuff - which we can even apply for you, hassle free, if you ask us nicely in the comments section when ordering. Aren't we good to you.

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