Xem Skaters - Genderqueer Zine


The worlds first ever Genderqueer skate zine? Probably, and CSC is the only shop in world carrying Xem Skaters.

Xem Skaters is probably the worlds first ever gender queer skate zine. Giving a space to all genders, while highlighting non-binary / queer / trans skaters everywhere.

The zines, created in Malmö, feature interviews, travel articles, art and drawing submissions, photo features and more.

Xem features anything that is written / produced / created / photographed by genderqueer and genderqueer-friendly people who skate, or have something to say about skateboarding and gender.

These zines are only £2.50, so don't expect them to last long. Pick up a copy and learn something. We've got issue #1 and #2.

Click here to view, shop and buy Xem Skaters.


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