Welsh Skate History - Four Wheel Dragons

Dan Bunn

More vintage goodness from the depths of Dykie's archives. Relive the classic Welsh skate video, 'Four Wheel Dragons', featuring Lee Dainton, Nat Davies, and many more.

Not long after 'Enter The Dragon', Dykie came through with his second video, 'Four Wheel Dragons'. Filmed between 1998 and 1999, the video featured some repeat offenders from 'Enter The Dragon' as well as some newer additions. Lee Dainton, Dan Wood, and Nat Davies all deliver bangin' full parts, alongside appearances from countless other Welsh legends including Pancho, a young Josh Perrett, Dai Sharp, and Tidy Mike (or Big Mike as he was apparently known then).

While 'Enter The Dragon' was mostly split into individual parts, 'Four Wheel Dragons' featured several sections dedicated to different scenes around South Wales including Cardiff, Bridgend, Newport, and Swansea. It's pretty sick seeing how each scene differed back in the day. Although seeing as the Newport section is more ramp-oriented, especially compared to Cardiff, it seems like things haven't really changed much.

It's clear almost instantly that the level of skating's taken a step up since 'Enter The Dragon', particularly thanks to Dan Wood bringing the ruckus in his opening part. Dan comes through with some bangin' trick selection, including a particularly trendy back 50 wallie out, as well as handling some hefty grass gaps. Isn't it about time grass gaps made a comeback?

After a brief cameo in 'Enter The Dragon', a young Nat Davies comes through with a hectic full part in 'Four Wheel Dragons'. It's always a treat seeing Nat skate, especially older footage like this from the prime of their youth (not that they don't still absolutely kill it today). They charge through the streets and skateparks alike with the magical trifecta of speed, power, and style, busting out buttery frontside flips that would make even the Muska green with envy. There's even footage of their ollie down the uni double set which they would later boardslide for the cover of Sidewalk. Iconic shit.

Dainton's another returning legend who steps his game up for 'Four Wheel Dragons'. Safe to say Dainton's a bit of an ATV as he dishes out devastation on every type of obstacle imaginable, including mind-boggling mini-ramp tech and some stylish street bangers at Red Banks. Shoutout to that street plant backflip thing at the Kingsway too. Mike V would be proud.

Last but not least, the Cardiff Boyos come through with the last section in the video. The part features a bunch of certified OGs including a young Josh Perrett, Gibbsy, and Dai Sharp, as well as a brief cameo from Dykie himself with a hefty V-heel. The heelflip front tail ender is particularly tasteful as well. Wish you could still skate those ledges. The video also included a retrospective montage of early Dainton and Pritchard footage from as far back as 1990, but for whatever reason that hasn't made it's way onto Dykie's channel. You can check it out here though if you're interested.

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