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Dan Bunn

We believe there are some skate videos that everybody should be familiar with. 'The Sour Solution' is one of those videos.

Sour Solution’s first full-length video offering, ‘The Sour Solution’ truly captures the essence of the brand with creative yet technical skating, a uniquely bangin’ soundtrack, and, of course, strong homie vibes. If you're unfamiliar with the Sour Solution boys and their distinctive brand of skateboard sorcery then you've got a lot of catching up to do, and 'The Sour Solution' is as good a place to start as any.

Skateboarding's biggest diva (ok, maybe joint-biggest with Steve Berra), Simon Isaksson, kicks things off with his unique, all-terrain approach to skating. Simon hits spots that most people would ignore, doing tricks that most couldn’t even dream of, with plenty of weird and wonderful wallrides and slides. This ain’t no Richie Jackson part though, Simon backs up all the quirkiness with plenty of no-nonsense hammers that even the strictest tech-aficionados would find it hard to fault. Gotta say I didn’t realise how young Simon looks in this, the guy has definitely aged like a fine wine.

Koffe Hallgren ollies a lengthy gap via Shredder's Lodge

Photo: Koffe Hallgren with a seriously boned pop shuv shot by Nils Svensson, from his Shredders Lodge interview.

Next up, Kristofer ‘Koffe’ Hallgren kicks things up a notch with one of the most serious parts in the video with Mach-10 lines and flips into grinds, before a brief montage section featuring mates from all over the globe. Keep an eye out for some familiar faces like Magnus Bordewick, Javier Sarmiento, Wes Kremer, and Gustav’s younger brother, Tormod - it seems like style runs in the family.

Josef Scott Jatta and Jonas Skroder share the next part, which features long-ass, buttery lines from Josef and wallride wizardry from Jonas. You can’t really argue with Josef’s skating as he charges round spots, effortlessly weaving lines together with impeccable style and trick selection; what more could you want?

Daniel Spangs Nollie 180 Switch Krooked Grind

Photo: Daniel Spangs with a bangin' nollie 180 switch crooked grind shot by Rich West.

Daniel Spängs is the next of the boys to grace our screens with some fast-paced tech bangers in an epic two-song part. Spängs makes it look all too easy as he cruises round some well-known spots in Spain, Scandinavia, and beyond with a soulful soundtrack, before he heats things up in the second section, where the music takes a turn for the gangster. Special shoutout to the switch flip back noseblunt, you definitely don’t see too many of those. Also, keep an eye out for Martin Sandberg’s appearance, as he’ll be back for more in ‘The Sour Solution II’ with a part of his own.

Swedish street technician, Albert Nyberg, brings the creativity in his part with techy no-complies and some absolutely ludicrous blunt variations. How many other people could have several different blunt tre flip out variations in a part? Probably not many.

Erik J Petersson comes through with a short but sweet part with more combos than your local fried chicken joint. Whether it's manual-to-manual, grind-to-grind, or grind-to-manual, EJP goes full Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and charges that special meter all the way.

Barney Page backside smith grind from his Free Skate Mag interview

Photo: Barney Page backside smith grind shot by Samuel Ashley, from his Free Skate Mag interview.

Barney Page switches to cruise control as he strings together gracefully executed lines which seriously undermine the difficulty of his tricks. Twisting himself up in ways previously believed to be impossible, Barney delivers more pretzels than a New York bakery, and takes the hard route with every spot he skates.

In the video’s penultimate part, Gustav Tonnesen comes through with some of the most graceful skating ever documented. With ludicrously tech ledge bangers mixed seamlessly with fluid creativity - think wallie one-foot and front 180 fakie 5-0 halfcab flip out in a two-trick line - Gustav proves, without a doubt, that he can do what he wants, when he wants. If this doesn’t make you want to go skate, then I don’t know what will.

Nisse Ingemarsson Bluntslide

Photo: Nisse Ingemarsson with a heavy bluntslide shot by Thomas Gentsch, this is the only photo I could find that's actually from the video, so enjoy.

Nisse Ingemarsson earns himself the last part with some particularly nice skating. His understated style almost makes the tricks he’s doing seem like they aren’t absolutely mind-blowing, with Nisse making obscure tech manoeuvres look like a walk in the park. Half of these tricks are hard enough to name, never mind actually landing them. Ever seen a hardflip 5-0 revert? What about a varial heelflip nosegrind revert? Yeah we didn’t think so.

Now, with all of that incredible skating still fresh in your mind, head over to the shop to view Cardiff Skateboard Club's full range of Sour Solution skateboard decks and clothing - including the bestselling Sour cargo pants and Sour Solution x New Balance shoes - and show your appreciation for the best thing to come out of Sweden since IKEA. Keep your eyes peeled for more of these video reviews, where we'll be diving into some of Sour's other videos. Safe.

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