Video Daze - ***THE REUBEN***

Dan Bunn

New York's rarest hardware company, Bronze 56k, are back with their first full-length video since 2018, and ***TRUST*** us, ***IT'S TIME*** you watched ***THE REUBEN***.

Carrying on their tradition of bizarrely brilliant editing, 'THE REUBEN', features all the usual visual weirdness you expect from Bronze. The video's packed with trippy visual effects and glitch art, as well as random videos from the deepest corners of the web, including the iconic video of basketball coach, Bobby Knight, launching a chair across the court, Spanish weather forecasts, and an incredibly meta clip of someone unfollowing Bronze's Instagram account. They even edited Rob Dyrdek into a Bronze Tee; now that's how you do marketing.

Rob Dyrdek Bronze Since Day One

Photo: 100% historically accurate clip of Rob Dyrdek reppin' Bronze.

As always, the soundtrack comes through with banger after banger, from Darkthrone to Johnny Cash and literally everything in between. The obscure remixes and covers will have you reaching for Shazam, or any knowledgeable music nerd you have close to hand, in search of the coveted track ID, although Shazam probably can't help you here. Luckily for you, if you're in search of the track IDs, some legend in the YouTube comments has your back. Maybe humanity isn't doomed. The only complaint I've got on the music front is that Josh Wilson didn't skate to Kate Bush, what's all that about?

Josh Wilson gap to frontside 50-50

Photo: Josh Wilson gaps to frontside 50-50, shot by Mike Heikkila.

Gotta say a massive thank you to Bronze for introducing us to the skating of Gus Gordon - someone you may not be familiar with due to him not having an Instagram account - who has the honour of kickin' the video off with a hectic first part where he bulldozes anything unfortunate enough to find itself in his way, all the way from vert ramps to handrails. Having an ATV beast like Gus in the video is a nice change of pace from Bronze's older videos, which feature mostly street skating, and it seems like Cardiel approves of this move as well.

Another shop favourite with a standout part, Quasi's Dick Rizzo makes some hefty deposits at various banks throughout the US. Following Andrew Allen's bank-oriented part from last week, it seems great minds really do think alike as Rizzo comes through with a two-song part that's a solid 99% bank skating, prompting the question: are banks the last great trend of 2021? This part is East Coast skating through and through, with plenty of crusty back-street spots, OG hip-hop soundtrack, and a large serving of cellar doors; you really can't go wrong.

One of Chocolate's latest additions to the team, Jordan Trahan, had some of our favourite clips from the video with long, buttery lines and a couple of serious head-scratchers, including a lesser-seen no comply back tail shuv. You'll probably wanna watch the video to make sense of this one. Looking forward to seeing more of Jordan in the new Chocolate video, 'Bunny Hop', which releases in December. Keep your eyes peeled for details of a Cardiff premiere.

That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop now to buy the full range of Bronze 56k clothing, hardware, and accessories at Cardiff Skateboard Club. Safe.

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