Video Daze - Skateboarders = Security's Companion

by Dan Bunn

The internet has been treated to a bewildering new skate(?) video from the enigmatic mind of Pirate Man featuring skating, security, and... dancing? Have a watch below to be simultaneously amused and baffled in equal measure.

Riding atop a tidal wave of creative juices, Pirate Man rounded up some of Cardiff's best to take to the streets and skate dance. Wait, what? Never one to think inside any kind of box, Christian has cranked the absurdity up to eleven for this hilarious new video starring Paul Jenkins, Lloyd Houston, Don Irfan, Jack Steele, Elvis Presley, and a whole load of security guards.

The video starts with Peej and Lloyd laying down some hammers on the Mill Lane benches, back when you could actually skate them (anyone else kinda miss lockdown?). However, it all starts to get a bit weird when Peej's warm up at Welshies is rudely interrupted by the arrival of security. Much to the guard's surprise, PJ jumps up, snaps his deck, and starts dancing before the video leads into a dancing/security kick-out montage with some bonus clips of the carnage that is Porthcawl's Elvis festival. The star of the show however has gotta be Peej's hectic NBD on the Queen's Arcade rails. Seriously heavy shit.

From the mixture of bewilderment and annoyance on the security guards' faces, to Don's puzzled expression when they start dancing at Bute; it seems like confusion is the theme of the edit. Even the name is pretty nonsensical, with a bizarre play on 'Skateboarder's Companion' that seems to suggest that security guards should be grateful to skaters for the company they provide. Not gonna lie, it doesn't look like the guards in the video share that perspective.

Pirate Man put in some serious time researching the best spots, reaching out to skaters across the country for guaranteed insta busts and even asking various filmers for any security guard footage they had knockin' about. Yeah, it's definitely not your average skate video, but what else would you expect from Spit and Sawdust's sweet talking, Hi-Tec sporting pirate? The reactions from the guards when the dancing starts (and just the thought of PJ dancing) are guaranteed to have you giggling throughout. But, again, what else would you expect from one of Fistian's videos?

That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to browse the latest skateboard decks, shoes, clothing and more. Or, check out more of the best skate videos on the CSC Blog. Now get out there and start dancing. Safe.

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