Video Daze - Quasi Simulation

by Mike Ridout

After the in-store premiere on Saturday (shoutout everyone who came down!) Quasi's latest visual offering, 'Simulation', is now up for you to watch online in full and, as always, viewing is essential.

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Maybe I'm biased because I'm a Jake Johnson fanboy but new Quasi videos are always worth getting excited about. From their debut full-length, 'Mother', to individual parts like Gilbert Crockett's 'Denim Car', Quasi always deliver powerful skating backed up by enthralling visuals and this video is no exception. Even if there's no Jake Johnson footage...

One of the most notable things about the video is the lack of most of Quasi's biggest names. JJ, Gilbert Crockett, Bobby DeKeyzer and Justin Henry are all absent - although Gilby comes through with an incredible guest clip paying tribute to his 'Denim Car' edit - which may seem a bit disappointing but it's more than made up for by Quasi's newest recruits. We've also seen standalone parts from Gilby and Bobby recently so I guess we can let them off.

Opening and closing the video we've got two new Virginia heads who've joined the Quasi ranks, Jason Nam and Jon Rowe respectively, who both come through with wildly different but equally bangin' parts. Jason Nam kicks things off with a load of powerful, high-speed bangers with an emphasis on nosegrinds and back smiths, while Jon Rowe takes a more off-road approach with his absolute monster of a last part. Jon seems like a notoriously difficult man to turn pro so respect to Quasi for making it happen. Dude is an absolute workhorse.

Of course the video also features some familiar faces, including a belter new part from Dane Barker as well as some new footage from New Jersey's answer to Dick and Dom: Dick Rizzo and Josh Wilson. Dick continues to refuse to skate anything that doesn't involve a bank and Dom... I mean Josh, brings his burly style and unorthodox approach to a fresh batch of obscure Midwest crust. Skateboarding needs more double acts.

That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to check out the full range of Quasi skateboard decks and buy now from CSC. Or, watch more of the best skateboard videos on the CSC Blog. Safe.

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