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We've been treated to a load of new visual offerings from the good homie Nick Richards this week, so we thought we'd take the opportunity to remind you of some of the previous bangers in the series.

Dylan Hughes Backside Smith Grind, photo by Burny Diego - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Dylan Hughes coming through with the shapes, shot by Burny Diego.

The concept for the videos is pretty simple: unlock a bunch of spots in different cities by skating late at night. Any budding etymologists among you would have likely already noticed that the name is a play on 'nocturnal', referencing the fact that the videos are all filmed after dark. The idea for this came from UK legend Daryl Dominguez after travelling to Bangkok in 2016 and seeing countless spots that were either too rammed with tourists, or just too hot to skate during the day. To work around this, he came up with the galaxy-brained idea to skate exclusively at night. This not only helped open up a bunch of new spots but also gave Nick the opportunity to capture the iconic nighttime aesthetic of the cities, resulting in some extremely pleasant visuals.

While two new instalments came out this week, the Nocturnup series first started in 2017. The edit was posted on Transworld and saw Nick documenting Dylan Hughes, Daryl Dominguez, Austin Funk, and a load of the local boys as they brought the smackdown to the streets of Bangkok. Dylan and Daryl make an extremely powerful combo and both these UK legends brought some serious hammers before Dylan sealed the deal with a textbook switch tre. The spots look incredible too; all the little street-side banks and stairs giving off some serious East Coast vibes and those undercover lines at the end could be straight out of Eastern Exposure, if it wasn't for the high definition footage. 

After 'Nocturnup Bangkok', Nick rounded up another squad of heavy-hitters and headed to Hong Kong for the next instalment of the series which dropped in 2018. 'Nocturnup Bangkok' saw Daryl Dominguez, Jordan Sharkey, Charlie Munro, Seb Batty, Jasper Dohrs and Piet Guilfoyle waiting for the cover of darkness to seek refuge from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong and take advantage of the city's picturesque nightscapes. While this edit lacks The Huge's presence, it's more than made up for by the presence of another Welsh legend, Jordan Sharkey.

Fast forward a couple of years and the boys are back with more bangin' Nocturnup videos in all-new cities. First up, they headed to Seoul in South Korea, recruiting the talents of Daryl's (now) Baglady teammates, Tom Delion and Davide Holzknecht, as well as US New Balance legends, Marquise Henry, and Chris 'Cookie' Colbourn who bring more than their fair share of hammers. Big fan of the editing in this one with Nick splicing shots of relevant neon signs between clips, including an extremely fitting 'SEXYCOOKIE' sign after a lovely line from Cookie.

Last but not least, their latest edit sees the boys heading to Taipei to explore what the city has to offer. 'Nocturnup: Taipei' features Daryl Dominguez, Davide Holzknecht, Jordan Sharkey, Jasper Dohrs, Seb Batty, and James Griffiths as they weave their way through the city's temporarily deserted streets under the cover of darkness. As with all the edits, Nick gives us a taste of the city's general vibe with tastefully interspersed shots of neon signs, shop fronts, and the countless characters you encounter while roaming the streets at night. If you're planning a visit to the East, then this series is basically a tour guide to each individual country. Anyone else fancy a trip?

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