Video Daze - New Balance Franky Villani 417 Part

Dan Bunn

Join Franky Villani as he takes his new pro shoe, the New Balance 417, for a test drive at a nice mix of spots across the US. Franky footage is always a treat.

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To celebrate the release of his new pro shoe, the New Balance Franky Villani 417, Primitive's token geek has treated us to a bangin' new part filmed at a selection of spots that's as varied as his hat collection. Whether he's pumping round a bowl, slappying a ledge or flipping into a handrail, Franky cruises everything in his path so of course the Franky Villani 417 is suitably designed to handle anything the big man can throw at them.

Naturally, to compliment Franky's unique style the video features a suitably quirky soundtrack from Adult. and equally quirky animations by Kyle Camarillo and Chris Colbourn to lend the video some of his signature charm. For an even more personal touch, the animations feature drawings from Franky himself, with his love of horror films shining through in the creepy-but-cute designs.

We might be biased because we're big fans of Franky's skating but we've gotta say the new Franky Villani 417s are looking real nice with the classic mid-top construction giving us serious Half Cab vibes. We should be getting the New Balance Franky Villani 417 shoe in store very soon so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for when they arrive to avoid missing out.

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