Video Daze - Mettz Quest 2

Dan Bunn

Stop what you're doing right now: there's new Max Palmer footage! Treat your eyeholes to the new visual offering from Ryan Mettz featuring all your favourite New York heads. Your day just got infinitely better.

Ryan Mettz has teamed up with Skate Jawn to temporarily plugging the footage vacuum left behind by the absence of Johnny Wilson's HD vlogs, seeing as he's decided to deprive the internet of content from New York's finest crew. While the rest of us hold our breath for a follow up to 'John's Vid', the new homie cam banger from Ryan Mettz is more than enough to appease any Max Palmer, Nik Stain, or Cyrus Bennett cravings you're likely experiencing.

'Mettz Quest 2' packs alternate angles and B-sides from some of the best videos from the last few years, including Limosine's 'Paymaster', 'John's Vid', and Pauly Coots' 'HIT Video', as well as a bunch of never-before-seen footy from all your favourites. With the lineup boasting Karim Callender, Cyrus Bennett, Max Palmer, Nik Stain, Andrew Wilson (who has a load of bangin' footage), Diego Todd, Genesis Evans, and many, many more - this is one of the most stacked videos we've seen in a hot minute. Fair play to Mettz too, between doing Polar graphics, shooting photos, tattooing, and now filming, he must be one of the busiest blokes in the biz. We salute you.

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