Video Daze - Limosine LIMO NC

by Dan Bunn

The Limosine Skateboards team are back with another belter of a tour video, this time making their way around some of the crustiest spots North Carolina has to offer to celebrate their latest batch of goodies.

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Everyone's favourite skate brand, Limosine, have treated us to yet another bangin' new video as they hit the road in North Carolina for their 'LIMO NC' tour, and we all know what that means: there's a brand new load of Limosine clothing and skateboard decks heading our way very soon and you know these guys never disappoint. 'LIMO NC' features the full Limosine skateboards team including Cyrus Bennett, Max Palmer, Karim Callender, Nelly Morville, Genesis Evans, Noah Mahieu, Aaron Loreth and more as they hit up spots in Charlotte, Greensboro and Raleigh.

While Limosine definitely have their own tried-and-tested formula by now, you still never quite know what to expect from their videos. There's gonna be mind-blowing Cyrus Bennett kickflips, but what shape will they take? There's gonna be Max Palmer wizardry, but what kind of weird spots is he gonna skate this time? There's gonna be outrageous Karim Callender fits; an eclectic, esoteric soundtrack; hijinx and homie vibes, but it's still always a pleasant surprise finding out exactly what they're gonna be. Kinda like when you know what you're getting for Christmas but you're still hyped when you open it.

As always, 'LIMO NC' channels those sorely-missed 917 vibes - with Max even wearing a 917 shirt in one clip which is enough to bring a tear to anyone's eye - with equal parts straight hammers and wholesome tomfoolery, like Noah diving off the van into a pile of leaves or CKY-esque night-vision shenanigans. Obviously the skating's sick (I mean how could it not be with Limosine's impeccable roster of cult favourites) but it's the vibes that really makes Limo videos as enjoyable as they are. If this doesn't get you hyped I don't know what will.

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