Video Daze - HUF Forever

by Dan Bunn

It may only be their first full-length but, by golly, HUF have made it count with impeccable editing, a one-of-a-kind lineup and a feature-length runtime that's filled with more bangers than a Richmond factory. This is how it's done.

Weed socks aside, HUF skateboarding has always had a certain vibe to it. From the videos and the team to the shoes themselves (when they still made them), they've always felt somehow different to the majority of their peers. However, after they binned the footwear program and later when we lost Keith Hufnagel, it was unclear what the future would hold for HUF as a brand as the team were forced to find new homes elsewhere. Fortunately for us though, 'Forever' is here to reassure us that HUF is just as sick as ever and carrying on Huf's legacy for future generations to enjoy. 

From the heartwarming Keith Hufnagel tribute at the start to the countless NPC encounters throughout, 'Forever' is loaded up with top-quality B-roll to break up the hefty runtime and provide frequent amusement - and the use of the 'Karen Go Home' song for the civilian rage montage was a particularly entertaining touch. The music and editing in general is absolutely on point with a soundtrack that's diverse enough to keep you on your toes while perfectly suiting the style of each skater, featuring everything from Outkast to Crom.

Given these generally exceptional standards, it should go without saying that the skating is equally incredible - and equally abundant in huf tributes - with standout parts from Dick Rizzo, Nick Matthews, Caleb McNeely, Mason Silva, Cyrus Bennett and more alongside some premium montages. Dick Rizzo delivers a quintessentially New York first part complete with a wide variety of steep banks, loading bays and cellar doors which perfectly sets the tone for the video while the left-right-goodnight combo of back-to-back Mason Silva and Cyrus Bennett parts has got to be one of the most powerful endings of all time. 

The more inquisitive among you may already be wondering what our ulterior motive is for shouting about a HUF video seeing as we don't stock them and, despite the inherent cynicism of the question, you'd be correct. We do have an ulterior motive. But I guess you'll just have to wait and see what it is...

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