Video Daze - Bronze TV Channel 56

Dan Bunn

Dive into the weird world of US cable TV with the latest banger from Bronze 56k and remind yourself why Bronze is the best skate brand in the game.

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Bronze videos have been coming thick and fast this year with the boys dropping their new DC collab video just last month, and now they're back with yet another banger. 'Bronze TV Channel 56' marks a step away from Bronze's signature brand of digital weirdness in favour of a more analog approach centred around the bizarre nature of US cable television adverts.

Instead of their usual assortment of strange videos scoured from the dingiest corners of the web, 'Bronze TV Channel 56' features cryptic ads and idents in the style of 90's US TV ads that are guaranteed to renew your appreciation for the BBC. It's kinda hard to tell whether these are real ads that mastermind Peter Sidlauskas has tracked down or whether the Bronze boys have made them themselves, but there is actually an Instagram account for the American Hardware and Riser Pads Installation store so make of that what you will.

It obviously goes without saying that the skating's next level with insane parts from Grady Smith and his brother Artie, Mark Humienik and Gus Gordon, as well as the long-awaited return of Buggy Talls (AKA Nick Ferro). We've been fans of Mark Humienik for a while but his part in this has easily cemented him as one of our favourite skaters with his masterful lines and buttery ledge combos. Good shit.

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