Video Daze - Alltimers You Deserve It

Dan Bunn

YEEOOO! Alltimers are back with another feel-good full-length featuring some of the finest faces from Canada and the East Coast.

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From the opening clips of Woody getting down and Zered doing airwalks off a launch ramp, it's clear that Alltimers are continuing their tradition of top-tier videos that don't take themselves too seriously. Alltimers might not usually be the first brand you associate with heavy-hitting skating (their cocktail glass logo doesn't exactly scream 'SK8 OR DIE!!!') but if you've been sleeping on them, 'You Deserve It' is probably gonna change your mind.

Alltimers' latest full-length features one of their heaviest lineups to date with the likes of Will Marshall, Zered Bassett, Alexis Sablone, Etienne Gagne, Dustin Henry, Coles Bailey and countless other legends from across North America. It's like they took some of the finest skaters from Bronze, Dime and Quartersnacks and rolled them up into one insanely stacked team.

However, amidst all the insane parts, there's one part that stands above the rest (except maybe Will Marshall's). While some of you may remember him as 'the bloke who did that insane nosegrind at Pulaski in that Bronze video', Elijah Odom's earth-shattering first part in 'You Deserve It' demands that you remember the man's name. Combining monstrous pop, respectable tech and a tasteful sprinkle of absolutely mingin' spots, there are very few boxes this part leaves unticked. But most impressive of all, he somehow managed to one-up his previous Pulaski hammer with an even more insane display of pop. Fair fuckin' play.

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