Top 5 with Thomas Bailey

by Mike

Hide your valuables and your rizzla, Newport's in house. Wu-Tang Bailey gets to flex his favourite parts in this weeks Top 5.

Bailey as his Insta name suggests is a 100% total boss. He's the master of lipslide variations, he's polite as fuck, and he's always got a rollie for me. For him to be the first Newport head to do one of these felt so right. So here's what we thought were gonna be some tran heavy 5 top parts from Bailey_Boss_015 but turns out he's surprised us once again with these #unexpected choices. Well, apart from the Drehobl part. Big up Baildowg, you know you're pure money baybie!

Dan Drehobl - Krooked Kronichles

Best section ever, sickest style, obscure lip tricks, Neil Diamond and fags.

Frank Gerwer - Cash Money Vagrant

One of the first videos I owned and the whole thing is amazing, but this section is the tits, fast, raw street skating with a bonkers hill bomb at the end.

Frecks - Radio Television

Same as before, the whole is class. Pretty much the only footage I've ever seen of this guy but it's so good. Crusty spots and skates super fast. Hangs on to everything and takes some big ones.

Ethan Fowler - Cataclysmic Abyss

Could of picked any Ethan Fowler section. Favourite style on a skateboard, makes tic tacs look good. Also has the best tre flip which he shows a couple of times in this, especially the end.

Andrew Allen - Propeller Raw Files

Always a fan of the big boys and he's the best of them. Amazing style, lots of hard bank tricks and some lesser seen manoeuvres.

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