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After a brief hiatus we decided to bring back the Top 5's. What better way to start the new series with someone from the new generation of CDF skaters. Here's Leo's Top 5.

Photo: @reids_world

Despite only having a few years of skating under his belt, Leo's probably keener for skating than most people in Cardiff. Every day I get a phone call or a text asking if I'm skating, and when I give an excuse (which is most of the time) he fully rinses me for not skating. Which I probably deserve.

Leo also has his own wax brand, Mountain Wax. I mean, like who has their own wax brand at 15? I was too busy trying find a Green Sabre on San Andreas and wearing two hats like Penny at 15 to be starting brands and what not. Kid's got ambition that's for sure.

For someone whose been skating for such a short amount of time, there's some surprises in his choices for sure. Yeah, there's a part in here which came out two months ago, but that Stevie choice? You can't front on that.

Chris Pfanner - Where We Come From

He has one of the sickest styles ever combined with some savage speed and tricks. This part just makes me want go out and skate! The intro could have been a little bit shorter but the skating afterwards made up for it. In the first bit of the part he throws down awkwardly pushes and then hit a pebble; gets up and laughs it off which is cool.

Stevie Williams - The Reason

BOOM; this part is straight gangsta, PERIOD! His flow is sick and not to mention the trousers. Song choice is fire, overall this is one of the dopest parts ever.

Tiago Lemos - DC Promo

First of all, Lee Fields...YES! Tiago is one of the my favourite skaters ever because he has the sickest style and doesn't just stick to the tricks he knows, he always switches it up. This part is absolutely savage especially when that phat backside flip happens. All around this part is sick.

Louie Lopez - West End

Louie Lopez is insanely good, from his style to his tricks, he is just savage! This part was mind blowing, his style is so chill and controlled. The FS lip then nollie backside flip was a treat for the eyes and not to forget the music paired with the frontside heel over the fence made everything 10x more trippy. Louie Lopez is undeniably one of the best skaters ever.

Luan Oliveira - One For All

I've only been skating for about 3 years and the old head's always roast me about being born in 2002, yes 02; when Flip Sorry came out, and for liking Luan haha. Luan has crazy pop, technical tricks and really quick feet. He is also one of my favourite skaters ever because he is savage and has an amazing style. He has so much control over his board and is dope to watch.

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