Top 5 with Conor Ratcliff


Last week we went to Newport for our Top 5 segment. This week we've gone to west Wales and got the king of Haverfordwest skatepark, Conor Ratcliff to pick out 5 of the best.

Photo: Dean Harries

Fair play to Conor, he's the guy who'll happily drive two hours from Haverfordwest with a car load of people to skate a contest in Cardiff. And he'll smash it too, all while being completely unfazed and hyped on the sesh. Keep holding it down fella!

Photo: Jerome Loughran

Kris Markovich - What If?

Think this was the first skate video I ever owned. My mum absolutely hated it. Would watch it everyday after school without fail. The whole video is rad but Kris' part has to be my favourite. Good mix of tranny and street and it's just fast raw skating.

Geoff Rowley - Extremely Sorry

Always been a fan of Geoff Rowley since a little kid. This part has rad skating and a proper good song but the thing which blows my mind every time is the drop in on the muddy roof. that thing is so gnarly. (Shout out to Jimmy Boyes - CSC)

Brandon Westgate - Made

This part and the B Sides are so raw. You can't ask for anything better! Speed, pop, style and gnar. There's nothing else really to say about this part, it's amazing!

Austyn Gillette - Austyn Unlimited 

I know this is an internet part, but it's too good to miss out. Effortless style, proper good skateboarding and Future Islands soundtrack!

Dylan Rieder - Gravis

This had to be my all time favourite video part. It's basically a 101 on how to look good on a skateboard. It's got pop, big gaps, technical tricks, power and of course loads of style. RIP Dylan.

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