Top 5 Soggy Skate Parts

by Dan Bunn

Seeing as we boast the title of 'Britain's wettest city' and today, in particular, the weather's pretty grim, we thought we'd try to find some silver linings amongst all these clouds by going through the best video parts and clips filmed in wet weather.

From a snowy part filmed in the depths of the Russian tundra, to hectic hillbombs in the pouring rain. These clips are guaranteed to make you want to get out there in the elements and ruin your setup. Just make sure you come and buy another one from us after. #Marketing.

Sean Young - Fucktards (1997)

Ok, this may only be a very brief clip of skating in the rain, but it's still one of the gnarliest, and most iconic, examples of all time. Sean Young absolutely tanking it down the hills of San Francisco in the rain is easily one of the best ways to start a video, and it sets the tone pretty nicely for the carnage to follow. 'Fucktards' is absolutely prime Antihero and it should be mandatory viewing for anyone starting skating. If you've ever wondered why Antihero is still one of the most beloved brands in skateboarding today, this video should answer your questions.

Gosha Konyshev - Zima (2018)

Not sure if it's frowned upon to post a Russian part in the current climate but oh well. Clearly unperturbed by the brutal Russian winter, Gosha Konyshev goes one step beyond skating in the rain and unleashes a barrage of bangers in the snow and ice in his 'Zima' part - which unsurprisingly translates as 'winter' in Russian. Not only dealing with snow and ice but also bitter temperatures of -14 degrees celsius, Gosha lays down some serious hammers despite the adverse weather conditions. This part would still be highly respectable even without the snow.

Pat Duffy - Questionable (1992)

This is another one that's not exactly overflowing (get it?) with soggy clips, but let's be real, it's not like we're spoilt for choice. Just like with the Sean Greene clip, what this lacks in quantity, it makes up for in quality, being another one of the most iconic clips ever filmed in the rain. Watching this part today, it's pretty difficult to wrap your head around just how mind-blowingly ahead of its time it was. It's a whopping 30 years old, let that sink in. Pat handles massive stair sets and hand-rails, some of which wouldn't look out of place in a video today, before shutting it down with a hectic back lip in the rain. He even did it twice to get the second angle. Absolute nutcase.

Phil Zwijsen - Waterproof (2016)

Out of all the parts on this list, this one is by far the soggiest. Phil Zwijsen makes the most of the slippery conditions and gives Leo Valls a run for his money with some seriously hectic powerslide combos and variations. I wonder why Richie Jackson doesn't just do this rather than waxing the floor like a mug.

Ronnie Creager - Rodney vs. Daewon: Round 1 (1997)

Ronnie has the honour of bringing this epic video to a close with a bangin' part that starts around the 18:30 mark. While it's not exclusively rainy footage, he finishes the part with a series of hammers filmed in the wet - including one of the best switch hardflips ever recorded and some buttery schoolyard lines. The fact that he's completely unfazed by the spray of water coming off his wheels as he pushes through puddles before unleashing a flawless switch crook on a picnic table just goes to show the unparalleled level of control he has on a skateboard. Serious legend.

Honourable Mentions

Matt Schlager

Shoutout to Hemmy for reminding me of this one (and reminding me I forgot about Honourable Mentions, oops). Don't think I need to explain why this is on here.

Billy Trick - CSC v3.0

Obviously had to include Billy lofting this straight no-comply over the Alexandra Gardens road gap in the wet. Absolutely bonkers.

That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to check out the latest skateboard decks, clothing, and more, and buy now from CSC. Or, check out more of our Top 5's on the CSC Blog. Safe.

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