Top 5 Skate Events

Dan Bunn

With Go Skate Day just under a month away, we thought we'd go through some of the best skate events to try find some inspiration.

Dime Glory Challenge

Without a doubt one of the best series of events the world has ever seen; Dime's legendary Glory (and Street) Challenges are incontrovertible proof that the brand is one of the best things to happen to skating in recent years. Packed with all your favourite skaters 'competing' in hilarious events that range from the death-defying to the straight-up absurd, like the speed challenge, gangster challenge, and gladiator challenge. This is what Olympic skating should've been. They've even provided us with countless other hilarious moments like Jamal Smith calling out Wade D, and the epic Wade D vs. Ishod promo skit. Highly recommend watching all of them if you haven't seen them before because they only get better as the budget gets bigger.

Halloween Hellride

Pure downhill chaos. Hordes of skaters descended upon Long Beach for a whole day of costumed carnage, including someone dressed up as the son of God (Chad Muska) and that weird guy with the beard and long hair who died on Easter. It might be fairly simple, but the combination of a kicker, flatbar, and a big fuck off hill is pretty hard to beat. Don't think it tops our CSC Downhill Deathrace though.

Back To The Berg

A legendary skate event at one of the States' most iconic spots. Thrasher's Back To The Berg event has gone down in history as one of the most hectic days of skateboarding of all time with countless mind-boggling NBDs being put down by a whole host of legends. Who fancies lobbing themselves down Coal Exchange for some free stickers?

Cachagua Dirtboard Race

Who says you need concrete to skate? The Thrasher boys ditch the Formula Fours and strap on the ATV monster truck wheels for a high-speed, off-road assault. Featuring dirt jumps, hips, and mountainous hillbombs, this definitely isn't your average skate event but I guess that's what makes it so sick.

Copenhagen Open

The closest thing skateboarding has to a festival, it's kinda hard to put into words the sheer scale of the carnage that is Copenhagen Open. From seeing all your favourite pros everywhere to just skating down the street with hundreds of other skaters around you, it's pretty fuckin' epic. With a load of fun-filled activities like skatepark jams, late-night flatbar sessions sessions, and naked vertical drop-ins, Copenhagen Open is the perfect mix of serious and silly.

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