Top 5 Parts with PJ

by Dan Bunn

The Man. The Myth. The Peej.

Paul fackin' Jenkins takes us through his Top 5 Parts with bangers from Ali Boulala, Grant Taylor, and Ben Raemers, as well as some top-tier Honourable Mentions.

Shotgun a can, kip in Bute Park, and have a butcher's at his choices below, you never know you might just be able to skate like Peej. Probably not though.

Paul Jenkins with some cans of Stella, shot by Reid Allen
Photo: PJ with half an hours worth of cans, shot by Reid Allen.

Ali Boulala - Sorry, 2002

What can I say? First skate video me mum bought me as a kid, which she instantly regretted because I'd have Ali's part on repeat. Thought it was a banger as a kid, still do. Definitely rather watch the Lyon 25 attempts by Ali than the Jaws roll away. The whole vid's sick but this part's the tits.

Louie Barletta - Bag of Suck, 2006

The only man I've seen pull off a bowl cut.
Proper creative trick selection in this one with a quality tune to back it, definitely one of my favourites. Always makes me wanna go skate, gotta see it if you ain't already.

Grant Taylor - Debacle, 2009

Always been one of my favourites since seeing him in Mindfield and all the Anti Hero videos. Car window getting it is pretty gnarly haha. He's an all rounder: fast, powerhouse, big gaps,  and tweaked airs with proper style. One of the best tre flips I've seen too.

Tom Knox - Atlantic Drift Episode 11, 2020

This has gotta be up there for a fair few people. Proper street crust, banging spot and trick selection, marathon lines like no other with style to match. Can see this one's thought out real well and it shows.

Ben Reamers - Oververt, 2014

Definitely one to see if you haven't already. Been one of my favourites ever since seeing him skate comps. He had the best balance of street and tran I've seen, and this has gotta be my favourite part of his. A true boy genius, always puts a smile on my face. RIP Ben ❤️.

Honourable Mentions

Arto Saari - Mindfield, 2009

John Cardiel - Cash Money Vagrant, 2003

Justin Henry - Mother, 2018

Brandon Westgate - Stay Gold B-Side, 2011

Want more Top 5s? Head to the blog to check out the rest of our Top 5 Parts series with a whole bunch of different legends. Safe.

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