Top 5 Parts with Oscar Evans

Dan Bunn

The best thing to come out of Norfolk since Alan Partridge, Oscar has been absolutely killin' it since he came to Cardiff, quickly earning himself a spot among the CSC shop dragons. If he's not charging round a spot landing every trick imaginable, you can normally find him by following the sound of his abnormally loud voice.

Oscar's come through with a varied mix of parts, from creative and tech skaters to big rail huckers, which might help explain how he can do just about everything on a skateboard... The bastard. At least the Corey Duffel choice justifies his red stripey jumper.

Oscar kickflips into a sketchy London bank

Photo: Oscar kickflips into a steep London bank, shot by Ryan George (@treeman_photo)

Mark Gonzales- Krooked Kronicles, 2006

One of the many free DVD's I got from Sidewalk over the years, the Krooked Kronicles quickly became a staple for me and my bro. There's so many sick parts in it but of course we gotta go with the Gonz. The intro, the outro and everything in between, this part's guaranteed to put a smile on ya face.

Corey Duffel - Feed the Need, 2007

Another free perk of a sidewalk mag. It was the first vid I owned that was mine rather than my brother's and it has a special place in my heart. Corey's part always felt like last part to me even though it's not, and to this day that tune gets me riled up to go skate!

Bryan Herman - Bake and Destroy

“I wanna like… grind that rail right now”- what a fucking G! Hermans just the best right? Killer tricks, chiller style, king of the tech-gnar and Baker to the bone. The tre flip at 2:53 is all the evidence u need.

Nick Remon – In Progress, 2012

Nick seems to be one of those skaters that could just do any trick he wants to without even trying (see his insta for proof). When I’d go back to Chelmsford it would be near impossible to go skate and not hear rumours about what Nick had done here 'n' there. He seems to have long surpassed hometown hero and become more of an urban legend.

Marc Johnson - Pretty Sweet, 2012

Had to get an MJ part in here, always sick songs, and even sicker trick selection. I feel like the obvious choice is Fully Flared but for me Pretty Sweet takes the cake. Pretty Sweet was kinda like the last time that people weren’t outraged by having to pay for a dvd release to watch a video, maybe times have changed since then or maybe it was just too tough of an act to follow?

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