Top 5 Parts with Don Irfan

Dan Bunn

Straight off the back of his CSC Skater of the Year win, you know we had to get the peoples' champ to take us through his Top 5 Parts.

Don reels off some certified modern classics from the last few years. With picks from future greats like Kader, Deedz, and Nick Michel, it's no wonder Don skates so good when these are the videos he's watching.

Don Irfan poses with his interview in Skateboarder's Companion - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

Maité Steenhoudt - Maité, 2019

This might have been the first time I saw her skating. She is so fun to watch. Every time seeing this makes me wanna start skating tranny stuff.

Nick Michel - Nice To See You, 2021

He is my favourite skater at the moment. The spots he skates, and approach he skates those spots, is sick. He is very creative skating-wise and he's got the skills to do literally anything on the board. The soundtrack is amazing too. Added to my playlist straight away haha.

John Shanahan - Mean Streets, 2017

John Shanahan 🤝 VX 🤝🗽. What more could you ask for. With biggie on background, it doesnt get any better. True NY experience.

Kader Sylla - thankyouvans, 2020

When this came out, everyone was shook that Kader would leave Vans for Nike (but he didn’t get on Nike in the end). All grown up, Kader really blew everyone's minds with this part. I knew that Kader was pretty good, but I didn’t think he would become this good when he's grown up. Absolute boss.

Didrik Galasso - Deedz Nutz, 2019

Deedz has always been my favourite. He might've been the first one to convince me to start doing wallrides. Love his flowy style and creative approach. His skating has given me so much inspiration.

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