Top 5 Backside Nosesliders

by Dan Bunn

The humble backside noseslide. A trick that is relatively easy to perform but exceedingly difficult to actually make look good. But, when they do look good they really are something special.

Join us as we take a look at some of the lucky few who've been blessed with the ability to help this unassuming trick transcend its lowly origins.

Rob Welsh

Failure to include Rob Welsh in any discussion of the best noseslides is a crime punishable by death. Welsh has arguably done more for the public image of noseslides than anyone else. For anyone old/wise enough to know what's good, the name Rob Welsh (and Drake Jones) is synonymous with noseslides. Saggy as fuck trou, big stonkin' shoes, and a 7" deck; it really doesn't get much better than this. That noseslide pop-out (you should know exactly which one I mean, but if you don't it's at 0:40) is a strong contender for one of the best noseslides ever done.

Drake Jones

Drake Jones is an OG style icon who's another strong contender for single best noseslide ever done (peep the ender). He's probably one of the earliest practioners of a properly executed noseslide (and properly executed everything else). Drake was stylin' on everyone with proper pop and flick way back when most people were still mobbing their kickflips.

Nik Stain

Part of me thinks it's kinda pointless including Hockey legend, Nik Stain, in a list like this, because pretty much every trick he does he's in my top 5 practitioners of the trick. The man's just extremely shapely in everything he does. While his nosegrinds, smiths, tailslides, and manuals are all exceptional, his mach-10, mile-long noseslides are among the best in the game. I don't think there's a ledge in existence that's too long for him to noseslide the whole thing. Case in point: the long noseslide on the blue ledge, which is not only an absolute beauty but it's also a little nod to his old 'Skate Jawns' part in which he does the same trick.

Shaun Paul

Bronze 56K's Shaun Paul took the noseslide-appreciating world by storm this winter when he released his hectic 'NorthUnda' part for DC. Having already established a reputation as a fearsome noseslider in his 'Freohammers' part, Shaun came out swingin' in 'NorthUnda' with some straight-up insane noseslide pop-outs - like his internet-breaking ender. Although he's a relative new-comer to the game, it'd be hard to deny his nasal prowess.

Etienne Gagne

Alltimers OG, Etienne stands out somewhat from the pop-out aficionados on this list due to his much lazier style of noseslide. Much like Nik Stain, ET sits in noseslides like they're nothing. However, rather than relying solely on the unquestionable beauty of a pop-out (although he's got a mean pop-out when he fancies it) he can do pretty much any conceivable trick out of the slide, including ones that are usually seen as questionable. He has an unparalleled ability to pull off tricks that would otherwise be stinkin', but maybe that's just down to his incredible jorts.

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