The Week Today, Now - 15/11/2021

by Dan Bunn

Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including new Palace and Supreme videos, a double dose of Victor Campillo, and some good ol' fashioned Instagram beef.

Charlie Birch is Pro for Palace Skateboards

Photo: The Birches via Free Skate Mag

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The Dynamic Duo of Charlie Birch and Kyle Wilson turned pro for Palace at the premier of their new video, ‘Beyond The Third Wave’. These boys have been killing it for years now and the promotion to pro status is extremely well deserved, now go watch the video to find out why. Also, congrats to Timmy Garbett on turning pro for Death Skateboards.

Mark Suciu has a new part out for Habitat with everything you hope to see from Mark with impeccable spot and song selection - if you ask me, Alex G and Mark Suciu footage is a match made in heaven. The video seems to focus more on trick and spot selection than anything else, with enough crusty and cutty spots to earn Bobby Puleo’s respect, although I do get the feeling he has something else up his sleeve though so we’ll have to wait and see if he makes another run for the SOTY title.

The Wolftown boys have come through with some Black Country gold in volume 5 of their ‘The Black Country‘ video series. The video features bangers from all the boys including Ben Broyd, James Woodley, and former Cardiff local, Ali Watson. Always a treat when these guys release something new and this video definitely doesn’t disappoint.

A lot of French skaters possess a certain je ne sais quoi - think Lucas Puig and Bastien Salabanzi - and Victor Campillo is another one to add to that list. With his graceful, floaty style and unique trick selection, Victor steals the show in this new edit from Marseille, 'La Plaine Brut' (which apparently translates to plain plain), filmed entirely at a picturesque new plaza. Anyone got a spare ticket to Marseille? I’ve had my eye on Victor for a couple of years now (since his parfait Free Skate Mag part) and it’s a joy to see him consistently putting out incredible parts. With his almost intimidating library of footage, Victor is up there with some of the French cinematic greats, and if you’re unfamiliar with him you better get started watching his footage before he comes through with another bangin’ part. Didn’t really mean to turn this into a rant about how good Victor Campillo is, but here we are.

Victor also has some clips in the new video from Ace Trucks, which features a whole host of other French legends, including Edouard Depaz, Remy Taveira, and PJ Chapuis, as well as Charlie Birch and Harry Lintell. Welcome Skateboards' Noah Mahieu absolutely kills it in this clip, definitely one to watch out for. The pole jam into the jersey barrier was an absolute delight.

Kyle Wilson is pro for Palace Skateboards via Free Skate Mag


Photo: Palace Skateboard's newest pro, Kyle Wilson, celebrating his promotion, via Free Skate Mag

Supreme have just released their latest video filmed by Bill Strobeck, 'Mind Goblin', featuring the most stacked line-up of legends-in-the-making, special mention to Mike Arnold and Casper for holding it down for the UK. That smith was effed. Got a lot to say about this one so there may be a longer post about it. Stay tuned.

Instagram remix account @swift_blazer, run by Matt Swift, has come under fire from several filmers, including Dan Magee and Jack Brooks, for his inappropriate use of other people's footage, raising questions about the role of these remix and repost accounts within the subculture. Magee and Brooks have highlighted several occasions where Swift has failed to credit filmers, and has even repurposed people's footage to be used as adverts for other brands, but Swift has not responded.

On the topic of part remixes, Quartersnacks have uploaded Tyler Warren's remix of Dustin Henry's part from the new Vans video, 'Nice to See You'. Tyler swaps the original song choice with 'Semi-Charmed Life' by Third Eye Blind, and I've gotta say, it slaps pretty hard. This is probably one of the quickest remixes ever to come out, with the original video first gracing our screens only a month ago, I guess Tyler really didn't like the original song choice. If you're a fan of Dustin's, we've got still some of his decks on sale so grab one quick and show your support for him and the Alltimers crew.

New 10-minute clip, ‘it is what it is’, from New Zealand-based brand, Daylight Skateboards, is absolutely brimming with stylish Kiwis. Not gonna lie, I know fuck all about the New Zealand skate scene, except that Dom Henry went there for a bit, but I’m definitely gonna have to do some digging after watching this.

Amelien Foures shot by Clement Le Gall for Free Skate Magazine

Photo: Amelien Foures shot by Clement Le Gall for Free Skate Magazine

Jordan Norwood shows London who's boss in his new part, '11/11'. Jordan takes the smackdown to plenty of well-known spots leaving and shuts them down with ease.

Hockey flow skater, Shane Farber, delivers with some incredible spot and trick selection in this short but sweet part for Venture Trucks, definitely worth a minute of your time. Looking forward to seeing more from this guy in the future.

Blai Costa’s latest video, 'Stella', offers up succulent Spanish skateboarding from a whole host of legends including Pol Catena, Maxi Schaible, and Nassim Lachhab.

In the latest video from the Threads Idea Vaccum, ‘My Front Stoop’, we join the crew as they venture into the depths of Baltimore on a quest to overcome all the crust the city has to offer.

Didrik Galasso has a new clip out for Ace Trucks which features everything you expect from a Deedz part with manic manuals, long-ass boardslides, and some delightful trou. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Kaito Nakata comes through with some signature smoothness in his latest part, '"Kay".mp4', which features a particularly hectic ender.

Meme of the week:

Peep Show skateboard meme about Steve Berra making fake skate spots, by chrisdobstar


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