The Week Today, Now - 17/01/2022

by Dan Bunn

After a brief hiatus last week, we're back bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last two weeks, including Max Palmer and his stunt double, First Broadcast 20th Anniversary, and a lesson in trick selection from Leonardo Bodelazzi.

Max Palmer with his lookalike dummy for 'Do Dummies Dream of Electric Bricks', photo by Ryan Mettz - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

Photo: Max Palmer with his look-alike dummy for 'Do Dummies Dream of Electric Bricks', photo by Ryan Mettz.

Following the iconic Limosine advert which saw an uncanny Max Palmer look-alike dummy doing a buttery back tail, Max has teamed up with Ryan Mettz, Max Hull, and the dummy to create a hilarious little piece for Skate Jawn about the infamous Con-Ed banks, featuring behind the scenes pictures from the shoot and a brief intro and interview by Max alongside the video: ‘Do Dummies Dream of Electric Bricks?’. Give this a watch for a slightly troubling insight into the mind of one of skateboarding's more elusive characters.

The legends over at Grey have blessed us with an hour-long extravaganza which revisits the iconic British skate video, ‘First Broadcast’, celebrating the 20th anniversary of its release. The video, filmed by Dan Magee, shone a light on a number of UK skaters who have since become certified legends, with skaters from Blueprint, Unabomber, and Organic including Vaughan Baker, Paul Shier, Nick Jensen, John Rattray, Danny Brady, and more. 20 years after the video first released, the gang have got back together via Zoom to rewatch the video and reminisce about the glory days for your viewing pleasure.

After some of the parts made their way online last year, Joe Allen's northern scene video, 'Pétanque', is now available to watch in full over at Vague skate mag, featuring countless legends including Albie Edmonds, Josh Blasutto, Harry Townend, Farran Golding, and many more.

Just one day after featuring Nick Matthews in our list of skaters to watch out for in 2022, he’s only gone and released a brand spanking new part for Venture and Uprise skate shop. We get to see the footage of some of his recent ads, including an unconventional approach at a classic New York spot and a jaw-dropping ollie you’ll have to see to believe. Hopefully this is just the beginning of a big year for Nick.

‘Leozinho’ is a bangin’ new part from Brazilian badman, Leonardo Bodelazzi, which features some extremely choice bangers at well-known spots, including a tasteful noseblunt variation at New York’s pyramid ledges and an anxiety-inducing nollie at Barcelona’s universitat ledges.

Leonardo Bodelazzi with a lesser-seen trick at New York's pyramid ledges, shot by Jake Darwen - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Leonardo Bodelazzi with a lesser-seen trick at New York's pyramid ledges, shot by Jake Darwen.

Skateboard Cafe’s street technician, Dom Henry, grabs some of the sticky black stuff - Mob Griptape, not hash - and unleashes a barrage of bangers on the streets of Copenhagen. It’s no secret that Mob is the best in the biz, and that’s why it comes free with all our decks. Go on, treat yaself.

Two of America’s finest food-inspired brands have teamed up once again in a very #OnBrand collab, with Chicago’s Deep Dish linking up with Snack Skateboards for a second clothing collab alongside a bangin’ new video. The video features a variety pack of legends including Mason Coletti, Roger Krebs, Chris Athans and many more as they weave their way through Chicago and San Francisco.

Oscar's Norwich kinsman, Jasper Pegg, handles some serious crust in his part from the new Drug Store video, 'Lavengro', give it a watch over on Vague and make sure you grab a copy of the DVD to show the boys some support.

The Birdman has graced us with his Five Favourite Parts via Quartersnacks, alongside a sick collage by the good homie Requiem For a Screen. Tony keeps things old school with some certified classic parts alongside a couple of newer picks including a shameless Birdhouse self-plug.

As part of their new 'Meet The Enjoi Ams' series, Jenkem have teamed up with Louie Barletta and paid a visit to the team's newest weirdos: Tony Latham and Gus Bus. Tony shows Louie round his house before hitting the local park in Martinez, CA; while Gus does his best Jaws impression and gives the roof of his house a thorough seeing to before hitting up some of his local spots in Orcutt, CA. No idea where Louie's been finding these goofballs but it's safe to say they're very Enjoi-able to watch.

Enjoi's newest am, Gus, actually thought he was getting a visit from Toy Machine so did his best to recreate their iconic video, 'Jump Off A Building' - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

Photo: Rumour has it Enjoi's newest am, Gus, actually thought he was getting a visit from Toy Machine, so he did his best to recreate their iconic video, 'Jump Off A Building'.

Crailtap's US sales manager, Derick Glancy, has come through with a bangin' part in Jean-Luc Vida's 'Not Another VX Video' from a couple of weeks ago. Alongside the part, Jenkem have interviewed him to get the inside scoop on working for Crail and find out how he managed to film a video part while working full-time. Now I want to see a new Mike Hellier part for Shiner, come on boys let's make it happen.

‘Leap Year’ is a fresh new video from Cole Navin, starring Tyree Johnson, Marc O’Malley, Aidan Olmstead, Cole Navin, and Forest Bailey. The boys show off their keen eye for spots with plenty of fun-looking, lesser-seen locations from Portland and SF, and some particularly quirky bangers towards the end.

More street stylings courtesy of Japan, Kenta Okamoto has just dropped volume three of his series, ‘peace n love’. It’s got basically everything you want to see from a Japanese video with over-the-top style, lengthy lines, and loads of night footy. There’s also a weirdly large number of people wearing Diamond gear, prompting the question: is 2022 the year Diamond makes a comeback? We’ll have to wait and see, but hopefully not.

'videobrain', the new edit from Brendan Gilliam, is a lovely new video out of New York featuring a wide variety of local rippers, including a surprise cameo from Fred Gall at the recently demolished Jody's Spot, and with a soundtrack that's guaranteed to impress any TikTok e-girl within earshot.

Meme of the week:

Rampworld employees curating the best playlist you've ever heard meme by Swales Worldwide - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

That's enough chit-chat though. Make sure you check out our rundown of 2021 if you haven't already, and head to the shop to browse the latest skateboard decks and clothing at CSC. Safe.

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