The Week Today, Now - 14/02/2022

by Dan Bunn

Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including Conor searching for lizards in Gran Canaria, Don's Push interview, and the newly-crowned Australian Skater of the Year.

Conor Charleson Wallride on a tree in Gran Canaria from Jumpy - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Conor Charleson combining his two loves: wallrides and nature.

Independent took the lads on tour with Dougie George, Dan Fisher-Eustance, Josh ‘Manhead’ Young, Jak Pietryga, and CSC Shop Dragon Conor Charleson havin’ it large in Gran Canaria. Check the video over at Grey and be sure to read Conor’s article for a behind-the-scenes look at the tour and some insight into the local wildlife.

Converse and Krooked have teamed up for Mike Anderson’s new CTAS Pro colourway, resulting in a lovely new video featuring all your favourite Cons and Krooked legends like Mike Anderson, Brad Cromer, Frank Gerwer, and Zered Bassett. New Manderson footage is always a blessing.

The French equivalent of the Duracell bunny, Victor Campillo, has just released another new part, this time a short-but-sweet clip in Marseille for Helas. You’re probably all sick of hearing me brown-nose him so just do yourself a favour and watch it.

Skateboarder’s Companion have just released our very own Don Irfan’s ‘Push’ interview to read in full online in case you missed it in its physical form. Check it out for an insight into how Don got into skating, what the skate scene is like in Malaysia, and the history of Don’s drip, alongside some bangin’ photos captured by the Gaffa.

Don Irfan Skateboarder's Companion Push Interview - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: The Don showing off his signature smile with his Companion interview.

'earth member’ is a very enjoyable new video from Tom Peel filmed throughout the UK including London, Bristol, and Manchester. Packed with stunts from young guns like Tom O’Driscoll, Jake Mitchell, Ben Keegan, Ben Peel, Marcus Craven, Pete Jamieson, Tom Peel himself, and more, looking forward to seeing more from these boys.

Following up on their seminal 'iPod Video', Kyota Umeki's Star Team are back with another fun-filled edit, this time documenting their holiday to LA. With a suitably quirky soundtrack, wholesome B-roll, and indulgent weed-smoking montages, this one will have you yearning for a sunny trip away with the homies. 

Blobys master lensman, Hadrien Buhannic, is back with a bangin’ new edit out of Paris with all-time legends like Gustav Tonnesen, Dennis Busenitz, and Silas Baxter-Neal ripping alongside some lesser-seen Frenchmen like Leo Cholet, Tim Debauché, and Kevin Ozcan; although there’s a surprising lack of the usual Bloby faces.

Aussie rail-chomper, Rob Pace, has just been crowned Australian Skater of the Year by Slam Skateboarding Magazine. The competition must have been pretty tight as Rob would’ve had to fend off other Aussie rippers like Jack O’Grady, Rowan Davis, and Shaun Paul to claim the title, but if you watch the video it’s pretty easy to see why he won.

'Hobbies' is another sick new Parisian video, this time filmed by Remi Chautant and featuring a load of stylish Frenchmen that you probably haven't heard of. All the protest footage makes this feel like the skate video equivalent of 'La Haine'.

Croatia’s a country known for their beautiful landscapes, Dalmatians, and Game of Thrones, but now you can add skating to this list thanks to Raul Žgomba’s new video, ‘Quicksand’. Filmed in the seaside city of Pula, the boys weave together long, flowy lines through the distinctly European backdrop of the city’s rugged streets. I would list who’s in the video but I doubt I can pronounce, let alone spell, half the people’s names. Sorry boys.

Enjoy plenty of powerful manoeuvres from Neil Herrick in his new 'OPEN CONTAINER' part. Believe it or not, he apparently filmed this part while working night shifts full-time which makes it even more insane.

More goodness from Neil Herrick, this time on the other side of the lens, in 'The 306 Video', filled with more homies than you could shake a stick at.

That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to browse the latest skate products and buy now from CSC, or head to the blog to check out more skateboard news and product reviews. Safe.

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