The Week Today, Now - 10/07/2023

by Dan Bunn

Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including the launch of Asics Skateboarding, the return of Isle and Vague's Welsh takeover.

Sam Pulley on the cover of Vague Mag Issue 33 - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

On Saturday night, the Wirral hosted the launch party for Issue #33 of Vague Skate Mag alongside the premiere of Carve Wicked's latest video and South Wales showed up in force. The cover features a trifecta of dragons with a death-defying stunt from Sam Pulley captured by CSC's very own Mike Ridout alongside artwork from CSC's very own Lloyd Houston! Be sure to grab a copy about Carve's trip to Mallorca with photos and words from CSC's very own, Mike Ridout, as well as an interview with Lloyd and be sure to come down to the Cardiff premiere of the Carve video at Callaghan's on Saturday!

After years rumours and speculation, Asics have finally launched their expansion into skateboarding with a belter of a video featuring a pretty flawless selection of skaters including Emile Laurent, Akwasi Owusu and Brent Atchely accompanied by the masterful filming of Jacob Harris. The team's stacked, the shoes look sick and the video is an absolute treat for the eyeballs; Asics Skateboarding seems like it's off to a good start. Oh, and did we mention there's new Gino footage?

The ever-productive city of Leeds has blessed us with yet another bangin' full-length this week in the form of Joe Allen's 'Troubleshooting', which features a characteristically broad assortment of Northerly legends including Jono Coote, Farran Golding, Naidan Glover, Izzy Almond and more. We're also hyped to be stocking Farran's 'Piece To Camera' zine which features a lovely assortment of photos from their time filming the video, go check it out!

Farran Golding Nose Manual up the bank from Troubleshooting, photo by Harry Meadley - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Farran Golding taking a nose manual upstream, shot by Harry Meadley.

They've had their ups and downs but Isle Skateboards is back and better than ever with their new 'Dreamers' promo, featuring the return of all your favourites like Chris Jones, Sylvain Tognelli and Mike Arnold as well as the introduction of UK lej, Kyron Davis, to the team. There's also an interview with Nick Jensen and Paul Shier up on Grey to fill you in on all the behind-the-scenes gossip of their almost break-up and the concept behind the video.

The lovely lads over at Serious Adult have been busy scouring the outskirts of London via Google Maps in search of untouched terrain for their new video, 'Little World', featuring the talents of Tom Delion, Daryl Dominguez and Penarth's finest, Conor Charleson. Make sure to check out the latest goodies from Serious Adult on the shop to support the legends!

More top tier spot-hunting this week, South Coast mega-lej, Al Hodgson, channels some serious Gustav Tonnesen energy in his new 'Gradient' part and no, it's not just because of the man bun. In true O.W.L. fashion, Al has come through with silky-smooth manoeuvres at a load of esoteric spots that will definitely help you see more value in your local crust.

Coinciding with his clips in the new Asics Skateboarding video, Akwasi has doubled down with a new part for cult favourite Sci-Fi Fantasy showcasing his unique blend of explosive power, delicate finesse and absolutely bonkers wallrides. Homie is just built different.

Brazil has produced its fair share of all-time greats over the years so it's nice to get a glimpse of some legends-in-the-making in the new Retta Skate Shop video, 'Atemporal'. The kids have got style.

Heartwarming shit from Frog in their new video celebrating Dustin Henry joining their esteemed ranks. Dustin's definitely a good fit for the team, kinda thought he always skated for them if I'm honest.

Hectic new full-length from SK8MAFIA, witness all the usual legends putting it down with full parts from certified OGs like Wes Kremer, Brandon Turner and Tyler Surrey before Alex Willms shuts it down.

That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to buy the latest clothing and skateboard decks from CSC. Or, check out more of the latest news, videos, and product reviews on the CSC Blog. Safe.

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