The Week Today, Now - 08/08/2022

Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including Bronze x DC, Stu Kirst x Johnny Wilson, and Naquan Rollings x Tompkins Square.

Josh Wilson Frontside Flip, photo by Mike Heikkila - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
ÔĽŅPhoto:¬†Josh Wilson frontside flip,¬†shot by Mike Heikkila.

Bronze and DC have teamed up for an absolutely impeccable collab, bringing back DC's iconic Clocker shoe from 1997 and treating us all to a bangin' new video to celebrate. The 'DC Shoes X Bronze 56K CLOCKER 2 - WHAT IF GOD SAID' video features everything you want to see in a Bronze video, including Will Marshall doing a Stefan Janoski tribute line and Shaun Paul doing massive noseslide pop outs, with the added bonus of Wes Kremer footage. Bronze never fucking miss.

As if the new Bronze video wasn't enough, we've also been treated to a bangin' 26-minute video featuring even more Bronze-associated legends. 'Clambake' features Mark Humeniek, Josh Wilson, Buggy Talls, Rob Gonyon, Grady Smith, and more as they explore the depths of New York City in search of some serious Puleo-esque spots.

Naquan Rollings has been steadily documenting the consistent flow of talent through New York's Tompkins Square Training Facility, capturing the likes of Carl Aikens, Karim Callender, Tanner Burzinski, and many more in his new video, 'Will He Send Us Some Weed?'.

Stu Kirst Polejam, photo by Atiba Jefferson - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Stu Kirst polejam, photo by Atiba Jefferson.

Johnny Wilson has treated us to two action-packed minutes of Stu Kirst footy in which he flings his carcass down some truly terrifying spots to a suitably brutal soundtrack. 

Helas' Hong Kong division have come through with a bangin' new video starring Dan Leung, Stephen Khou, Johnnie Tang, and friends accompanied by a bangin' homemade, lo-fi soundtrack from Dan.

Heavy squad of international DC heads in Bourdeaux in their new video, 'Sergio', featuring Josh Arnott, Adilson Pedro, Leo Valls, and the eponymous Sergio Cadaré bringing some serious OG vibes to the streets of France.

Witness the chaos from the FA x Adidas Hollywood Skate Jam to fulfil all your anti-police fantasies as a strong selection of skateboarding's finest get busy on a cop car. Congrats to Diego Todd on going pro for Hockey too!

John Fitzgerald backside smith, photo by Jared Sherbert - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
ÔĽŅPhoto:¬†John Fitzgerald backside smith, photo by Jared Sherbert.

The one and only Scumco crew have compiled all their recent edits into a half-hour long mastertape filled with all the top-tier spot selection you expect from the masters of maintenance.

Mariah Duran brings the hammers in her new part, 'Rapa Nui', bringing the hammers to a load of Southwest spots with impeccable style.

Bonus shoutout to whoever fired shots at Elijah Berle by putting a bike lock on the Wilshere rail at Vans Showdown. Legendary shit.

Vans Showdown Bike Lock on Baker Rail - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

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