The Week Today, Now - 08/01/2024

by Dan Bunn

Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the festive period, including a non-East Coast Aaron Herrington part, a new Norwich banger from Danny Jackson and some top-tier Don footage.

Dee Collins Switch Frontside Noseslide, photo by Reece Leung - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Shop
Dee Collins with a tasteful Mark Baines tribute, shot by Reece Leung.

The National Skateboard Co have shown off their tastefully curated new team in 'Prizefight' featuring a load of bonkers Cardiff manoeuvres from our man Don Irfan, effortless tech from Massimo Cristofoletti and a knockout last part from Irish powerhouse, Dee Collins. Looking forward to seeing more from these guys!

After being teased with some of the parts over the last few months, Rob Taro's epic new Japan-based full-length, 'Timescan 2', is out now for you to enjoy, featuring an absolutely bonkers selection of Japanese legends from Gou Miyagi to the Hongo bros. This one's a must-watch.

Treat your eyeholes to the debut video offering from James Collins' new Part Timers project featuring a load of Welsh and West Country legends on their summer holidays lovingly filmed and edited by top mukka Pedro Mayn. We shouldn't have to tell you this is some seriously premium shit.

Brayden Slezak is back with another belter of a London video, this time featuring UK legends like Charlie Munro, Mikey Patrick, Dougie George, Dan Fisher-Eustance and Conor Charleson alongside a load of international cameos from the likes of Cambryan Sedlick, Matt Militano and Brad Saunders.

Jasper Pegg Switch Noseblunt slide, photo by Henry Kingsford - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Shop
Jasper Pegg switch noseblunting one of his most beloved Norwich spots, shot by Henry Kingsford.

Fresh batch of Norwich-based goodness from Danny Jackson, 'Oh!' features all the usual suspects like Jasper Pegg, Vlad Kalynin, Tom O'Driscoll and more as they revisit some of the city's classic spots as well as scoping out some new ones.

Shop favourite, Aaron Herrington, has ditched his beloved East Coast haunts and headed back home to Oregon for his new 'Homeward Bound' part, hitting up a load of the States cuttiest spots and even manage to coax out his elusive teammate, Dane Brady, for some guest clips.

Spitfire have teamed up with Italy's Samurai crew for a tour round some of the finest Italian architecture courtesy of Jacopo Carrozzi's extensive spot map with Harry Lintell, Daan Van Der Linden, Chris Pfanner, Helena Long, Victor Pellegrin and more hitting up some absolutely ludicrous destinations.

Seattle's Genesis crew are back with another new video and as always it's overflowing with heartwarming homie vibes, an eclectic soundtrack and no shortage of bangers from Dylan Clark, Logan Kirshak, Caden Smith and the rest of the gang.

Dylan Clark Switch Krooked Grind, photo by Corey Greengage - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Shop

Whole load of new-school talent in the Late Nite Stars' latest full-length, 'Full Circle', featuring the likes of Alan Bell, Trung Nguyen, Akwasi Owusu, Kyler Garrison and more backed up by an impeccable soundtrack. These guys don't miss.

Wash down all this long-form content with two minutes of straight bangers from Hemmy's long-lost twin, Gabe Thompson, and a load of his Stussy homies in his new self-titled part.

Witness 20 minutes of Euro swag courtesy of Jeremie Daclin's Film Trucks in their new video, 'Corps a Corps', featuring Alex Signor, Tom Botwid, Leo Valls, Arno Wagner and countless others at a variety of continental locales.

Join the Hoddle lads on their trip to LA as they hit up a load of cutty suburban spots with appearances from some of their Pass~Port cousins, a wild Rowan Zorilla and more than their fair share of boozy hijinx. 

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