The Week Today, Now - 06/02/2023

Dan Bunn

Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including Thrasher Am Scramble 2022, Atlantic Drift in Istanbul and the new CSC Mallorca video.

Josh Arnott Switch Backside Tailslide at Lloyds for DC x CAFE, photo by James Griffiths
Photo: Josh Arnott with a Kalis-esque SSBSTS in the DC x CAFE Kalis OG, shot by James Griffiths.

It's the moment you've all been waiting for! our Mallorca trip edit, 'Bug vs. Snake', is now online for your viewing pleasure so you can witness the epic battles between the newly-crowned Bug 'Ed and a giant snake, and between PJ and an army of Heineken cans.

To coincide with the launch of the new DC x Skate Cafe collab, Lloyds natives, Josh Arnott and Layth Sami, headed down to the iconic Bristol plaza to test out the merchandise. The fact these boys can still come up with interesting new lines at this heavily rinsed spot just goes to show how well they know the place. Bravo. Oh, and buy the new DC x Cafe shoes while you're at it!

The Atlantic Drift boys are back and this time they've taken their solid assortment of succulent styles to the streets of Istanbul with Tom Knox, Chris Jones, Casper Brooker, Mike Arnold and all the OGs being joined by mega-legends Nik Stain and Max Palmer for a truly GOATed lineup. 

Treat your eyeholes to an assortment of stylish Scandinavians from Sweden's skate school in the first instalment of 'Bryggeriet Micro Brew' focused on the very enjoyable Smuts Crew (featuring Axel Berggren, Sondre Mortensen, Johnathan Sjoberg and more). Looking forward to more of this!

Thrasher's 'Am Scramble' is back with a fresh crop of ravenous up-and-comers with the likes of Nick Matthews, Noah Mahieu, Rob Pace, Max Wasungu, Patrick Praman, Dylan Jaeb and more getting busy around Boston. Very enjoyable edit but the fact Nick Matthews is still an am is pretty upsetting...

Nick Matthews Pop Over Backside Lipslide, photo by Michael Burnett - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Nick Matthews putting his pop to good use with this gap-over back lip, shot by Michael Burnett.

The Side Effect Goods crew have treated us to a short-but-sweet edit at the University of Minnesota's Northrop Mall spot (which you may remember Mark Suciu skating not too long ago) featuring Ty Stigney, Jasper Steinbach, Max Murphy, Ben Narloch and Dalton Jones. Big fan of what these guys put out.

Darwin Cranium comes through with a steady stream of bangers at a load of crust-ridden South Coast spots in his new ‘Gaffer’ part for Bournemouth’s Moose Skate Shop, including a load of sick ride-on grinds and an interesting take on pole jams. Although if you ask us, there's only one gaffer.

'Can't Have Shit' is a bangin' new video out of Detroit by Cooper Vosberg featuring a load of local homies like Gabe Felz, Levi Fisher, Barrett Jinks, Drake Warner and a seriously hectic last part from Theories-associated legend, Nick Rainey.

One for the sneaker heads, skating legend turned shoe designer, Scott Johnston has chatted to the Village Psychic boys about his role designing some of the most iconic skate shoes from over the years including the inception of Lakai and the more recent Adidas Lucas Puig and Tyshawn pro models.

Highly enjoyable new offering out of Bristol from Joe Poulton with a load of choice manoeuvres supplied by Brannon Elms, Alex Donlon, Josh Blasutto, Stanley Bonham Carter and many more. Very #OnTrend emo soundtrack in this one. We've also been treated to a new homie cam clip from Arthur Myhill if you want more West Country goodness.

Nik Stain ollie into the bank from Atlantic Drift Istanbul, photo by Alex Pires - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Nik Stain riding the rolleroaster in Istanbul, photo by Alex Pires.

Not your average Cali video, Brett Nichols' 'Pathways 2' is a new full-length filled with tasteful tricks at unconventional spots with some pretty sick sci-fi-themed B-roll, featuring Elijah Akerley, Josh Paz, Chris Jatoft and many more.

Vans and Alltimers have teamed up for an all-new shoe, the Vans x Alltimers Zahba, resulting in a lovely edit of Vans-associated Alltimers homies Stafhon Boca, Coles Bailey and Zach Baker putting it down in LA.

Belter of a scene video: Ryan Schroeder's 'Baltimore Pleasure' is an absolute treat packed with local homies alongside some of Baltimore's finest.

Witness the Hongo Bros and friends navigating obscure, suburban spots in their new 'Y-Town Boyz' video filmed by Shintaro Hongo, featuring a load of niche Japanese crust and a rare BMX guest stunt.

New contender for best skate video name? 'Lindquist by Axel Lindquist for Axel by Axel Lindquist' is a very enjoyable, not-too-serious offering from Jante alum, Axel Lindquist.

Good shit as always from the Serious Adult crew in their new video, 'Rind', with some wholesome holiday antics and hideously crusty spots.

That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to buy the latest skateboard decks, clothing, shoes and more from CSC. Or, check out more of the latest news, videos, and product reviews on the CSC Blog. Safe. 

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