The Week Today, Now - 04/12/2023

by Dan Bunn

Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including the start of SOTY season, the new Yardsale full-length and Shaun Paul's hectic pro part.

Jack O'Grady Krooked Grind from SQUISH, photo by Mike O'Meally - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Jack O'Grady with one of many mach-10 crooks, shot by Mike O'Meally.

SOTY season's officially upon us and what better way to kick things off than with Jack O'Grady making his mark on iconic landmarks and untouched gems alike in his new 'SQUISH' part for Pass~Port. I would've liked to see him win it back in 2021 so fingers crossed he's in with a chance this year.

Yardsale have once again brought the vibes with their new full-length, 'YS 3', featuring picturesque sunsets, a 3AM afters soundtrack and a load of bonkers footage from their newest pros, Bear Myles and Alex Hatfield, and surprise new addition, Thaynan Costa.

Another solid entry to the SOTY race, Pedro Delfino stays very on-brand for Deathwish as he risks severe brain damage in in his new 'Road to Nowhere' part for Vans, launching himself headfirst at some of America's most fearsome spots with absolutely zero regard for his personal safety. I really hope his Mum doesn't watch this.

Yet another textbook John Shanahan part to add to the collection, his new 'Double Down' DGK part features all the powerful East Coast hammers you expect with some rare transition clips at FDR to help keep you on your toes. I dunno whether I'm impressed or disappointed that he can actually skate transition.

Pedro Delfino Gap to Lipslide, photo by Marco Hernandez - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Pedro Delfino putting some serious faith in that Deathwish wood with a hectic gap to lip, shot by Marco Hernandez.

Typically big-brained French skating from Tim Debauché in his new 'I Forgive You' part, delivering mind-blowing trick selection and top-tier cameos from his fellow Frenchmen alongside a bangin' numerology-based interview that Puleo would be proud of.

Theories have put their winning recipe of top-tier VX filming and niche spot selection to work once again in their new 'CONDUIT' edit, highlighting the talents of Ryan Alvero and Randy Benko alongside the rest of the lads.

Treat your tastebuds to an obscenely flavoursome new Shaun Paul part to celebrate his recent ascension to the Hoddle pro ranks as he slathers his signature sauce onto spots all over the globe before heading back down under to shut it down.

Join Tiago Lemos on his hollibobs in Melbourne in the bangin' new edit captured by Brett Chan's iPhone. Nice to see Tiago seems just as mindblown by his infamous switch back tail at MACBA as the rest of us.

Tim Debauche Alley Oop Frontside 180 Switch 5-0, photo by Clement Le Gall - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Shop
Tim Debauche with a mind-bending and spine-bending alley-oop front 180 switch 5-0, shot by Clement Le Gall.

Whole lotta good shit in Brandon Cortez's new Southern California-based edit, 'atb ultimate truther', featuring legends like Tanner Burzinski, Nelly Morville and Davey Sayles alongside a load of the homies.

Leo Cholet has become the latest stylish Frenchman to join the Helas ranks, coming through with a short-but-sweet welcome clip showcasing his impeccable form.

Kev Terpening and Dan Plunkett go to work in the new edit for Terp's new board brand, Swim Skateboards, packed with a load of unconventional trick selection from this dynamic duo.

'Super London' combines the videographical talent of Phil Evans with the four-wheeled prowess of Jeremy Jones for a visaully striking new edit that's as creative as Jeremy's skating.

Another belter of an iPhone edit, Keegan McCutchen has cleared out his phone and given us a taste of his extensive repertoire of lesser-seen manoeuvres on this selfie rampage.

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