The Week Today, Now - 04/07/2022

Dan Bunn
 Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including flavour from France, trend from Mexico, and tran from Japan.
Shor West Wallie Grab, photo by Marimo Ohyama - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Style lessons from Shor West, shot by Marimo Ohyama.

Whole lotta gang shit in the new Gang International edit, filled with a load of lesser-seen DC and Baltimore spots as well as plenty of mandatory Pulaski footage, but most importantly: NEW JAKE JOHNSON FOOTAGE.

Top up on spot envy with the latest video out of Marseille from the BMG crew, featuring Luc Boimond, Velantin Verd, Matt Debauche, and, of course, Victor Campillo. These boys can't be stopped.

Enjoy bizarre visuals and stylish skating in the latest offering from the OG.2000 crew, featuring the talents of Victor Campillo, Jordan Quiejo, Luc Boimong, and more. This shit is basically European Bronze, and if that isn't enough to get you to press play then just watch the Jordan Quiejo clip below.

Not sure what I expected from a Mexican skate video, but I definitely didn't think it'd be this trendy. Witness the Mexican youth getting wild in the streets with outrageous kits, hectic wallrides, and some serious style. Highly enjoyable.

Check out the new part from Evisen's token ramp skater, Shor West, as he takes the brands weird and wonderful approach to all manner of intimidating transition. The animated version of his 'TV Party' deck at the end is a nice touch too.

Even more French flavour for you this week, Amelien Foures has a new self-titled part out that's absolutely packed with masterful trick selection and generally handsome skateboarding.

Amelien Foures Frontside Noseslide, photo by Clement Le Gall - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Amelien Foures goes the distance with this frontside noseslide, shot by Clement Le Gall.

Traffic Skateboards' Hiroki Muraoka has joined the Loophole Wheels team, subsequently blessing us with a couple minutes of fast lines and faster feet.

'feast ur eyes' on the new visual treat from Neema Joorabchi, featuring all the usual suspects like Jasper Stieve, Noah Singleton, Tyler Vrckovnik, and more.

Experience the pinnacle of fluidity from Cody Wilber in his part from 'Niche'. This one's a guaranteed hype-inducer.

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