The Week Today, Now - 03/10/2022

by Dan Bunn

Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including new Chase Walker edit, Polar full-length, and more from Dime Glory Challenge.

Jamie Platt Wallie, photo by Rich West - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Jamie Platt wallie, shot by Rich West.

With the premieres finally all done, Polar's latest masterpiece is now online to watch for free! With full parts from Ville Wester, Nick Boserio, Emile Laurent, new pro Jamie Platt and the rest of the gang, we highly recommend watching it to find out whether or not they have actually been crushing it.

More Dime Glory Challenge goodness has hit the web this week with the edits from the Dime Street Challenge 2022 and the World Championship Game of SKATE between Alexis Sablone and Briana Geering now online in full for you to enjoy, as well as an edit from Jenkem and a fashion report from Charles Rivard via Quartersnacks.

Didn't expect a new Bobby Dekeyzer part but we're definitely not complaining. Witness Bobbo putting his next level flick to work in the streets of Paris with Ben Chadourne behind the lens.

Carson Reuther has come through with a bangin' new video featuring all your favourite Philly heads, including Brian O'Dwyer, Matt Militano, Efron Danzig, Paris Summerville, and even a brief cameo from Ishod Wair, with a load of unseen clips as well as a couple of alternate angles from other Philly vids. Good shit.

Chase Walker's back with another action-packed edit featuring a load of New York's most exciting skaters, including the ever-stylish Kyler Garrison and 2021 Skater Of The Year (Gifted Hater, not Thrasher) Trung Nguyen.

Take a virtual trip to sunny Portugal with the Dilabor Skateboards crew in their new video, 'Not A Moment Too Soon', which features a load of local legends powering through the Portuguese streets. Those cobbles are way harder to skate than they look.

Casey Foley Backside Noseslide Gap Out, photo by Martin M Niyo - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Casey Foley gapping out of a backside noseslide, shot by Martin M Niyo.

Casey Foley has joined the pro ranks for Magenta and of course there's a new part to coincide with this, with two and a half minutes of Casey flowing round his local Adelaide.

Pocket Mag treated us to further evidence of Karsten Kleppan being very good at skateboarding with a highly enjoyable edit of him charging round Barcelona's Born Plaza.

Eye-pleasing manoeuvres from Tom Belot in his new part, 'Karaoke', in which he makes his way round some of San Francisco's lesser-seen spots.

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