The Rundown - Cardiff's Black Mass II

by Dan Bunn

Relive the madness of Sabbath Wheels and Heathen Skateboards' Black Mass in Cardiff. Big up everyone who came down!

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Sunday might be a holy day in some religions but last Sunday, 28th May, was about as blasphemous as it gets. Ungodly forces descended upon Cardiff and transformed Bute Square into an apocalyptic hellscape with all manner of occult artefacts waiting to corrupt any wayward souls for the second coming of Sabbath Wheels' and Heathen Skateboards' Black Mass.

Lewis Elliot Crooked Grind the fountain at Black Mass, photo by Chris Johnson - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Lewis Elliot crooking the swamp, shot by Chris Johnson.

Fair play to everyone from Sabbath, Heathen, OG Distribution, Slap Ramps and Vans who showed up bright and early to give Bute a speedy makeover that even Nick Knowles would've been impressed by. With everything from ledges, kickers, ramps and even the permanent addition of a curb (which sadly only lasted 2 days but still), Bute was rapidly transformed into a training facility to rival even the mighty Spit and Sawdust.

Oscar Evans Backside Smith Grind at Black Mass, photo by Jamie 'Swampy' Harold - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Oscar winning a hefty battle against a back smith on the shed(?), shot by Swampy.

It wasn't all fun and games though as the lads had put together some evil-looking set-ups, that definitely would've raised some eyebrows with any health and safety officials, for anyone willing to offer themselves up as a sacrifice to the dark gods. Whether it was the kicker to shed grind, gates of hell quarterpipe or the rail over crocodile-infested waters, there was ample opportunity for gnarliness and everyone definitely delivered, with carcasses being tossed left, right and centre.

Sam Pulley Dragon Grind at Black Mass, photo by Finley Chivers - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Pulley with a warm-up dragon grind, shot by Finley Chivers.

Huge shoutout to everyone who travelled down for the event, it was sick seeing so many heads from across the UK make it down (especially anyone who was throwing themselves into the fountain before a lengthy journey home) and of course shoutout to local heroes, Jake Collins and Sam Pulley, who shut everything down before the event had even started just so they could get straight on the cans. Respect.

Jake Collins 5050 in his pants at Black Mass, photo by Chris Johnson - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Collins moonlighting as his new alter-ego, Pants Man, shot by Chris Johnson.

Way too many hammers were landed for me to have any chance of summing up the carnage with mere words so be sure to head over to The Skateboarder's Companion and check out the full photo gallery and edit to witness the chaos in all its glory!

That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to browse the full range of Sabbath Wheels and Heathen Skateboards and buy now from CSC. Or, find out more about the latest Cardiff skateboard events on the CSC Blog. Safe.

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