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Dan Bunn

Join us as we revisit one of the best skate videos ever made. Packed with legendary stunts from the streets of Philly to Danny Way's top secret mega ramp facility, it could only be 'The DC Video'.

From Josh Kalis running laps of Love Park to Danny Way breaking two world records in one go, it'd be hard to deny the cultural impact of DC's self-titled full-length, 'The DC Video'. Featuring countless all-time greats at the top of their game; a star-studded soundtrack boasting the likes of Iron Maiden, Metallica, Suicidal Tendencies and... 'The Pina Colada Song'; and some top-quality B-roll, like the introduction of 'Rob and Big' (RIP Christopher 'Big Black' Boykin), there's a reason 'The DC Video' not only has its own IMDb page but scored a whopping 8.2 stars (which is higher than 'Kill Bill', 'No Country For Old Men' and 'Trainspotting'). Whether you're new to skating or you're a seasoned veteran, 'The DC Video' is mandatory viewing.

Starting out with a rage montage featuring a particularly mean-looking Anthony Van Engelen man-handling crowd control barriers and attempting to chop a signpost in half with his board, you know this video is gonna be dealing exclusively in extremes. However, if these intimidating displays of masculinity weren't enough to impress you then the sheer spectacle of AVE, framed by his regal mane of flowing, blonde locks, aggressively swongo pushing down the street at Mach 10 before stomping an immaculate switch tre surely will be. Little did they realise at the time that this timeless aesthetic would go on to become the calling card for hordes of nostalgia-based Instagram repost accounts, but luckily these clips are just as enjoyable on the hundredth viewing as they are on the first.

After a bangin' part from DC OG, Josh Kalis (who does extremely well to follow on from the masterpiece that is AVE's part), we get to experience one of the most memorable sections from the video courtesy of none other than Rob Dyrdek and, more importantly, his Head of Security, Big Black. This incredible skit is easily one of the most gratifying few minutes in a skate video and the sight of security guards getting manhandled by Big is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of anyone who's ever been unfortunate enough to attempt to enjoy themselves in the presence of overbearing security guards (looking at you St. David's). It was so good, in fact, it even went on to have its own TV show - take that Crailtap.

After a respectable middle section featuring legends like Brian Wenning, Ryan Gallant and Colin McKay, your brain is probably thoroughly saturated with bangers by now. But wait, there's more! Before we even get to the chest-thumping, monster energy sumping, mega-ramp jumping finale, we're treated to a far more gangsta part from none other than Stevie Williams. Right from that haymaker in his opening line, Stevie asserts his dominance over every spot he touches with his nonchalant push and authoritative pop. This is Stevie at the height of his powers and he fuckin' knows it.

Last but by no means least, it's now time for the main event. The meat and gravy. Le pièce de résistance: Danny Way hucking himself over a massive fuck-off ramp in the middle of the desert. Prefaced by an equally ludicrous regular-old vert and street montage, Danny Way brings it home with some straight-outta-Skate 3 mega-ramp action, naturally set to none other than Metallica's fist-pumping tour de force, 'Orion'. Packed with mind-boggling airs and hair-raising rail stunts, this shit will make you want to smash a can of Monster on your head like you're the energy drink equivalent of Stone Cold Steve Austin.

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