by Mike

Harry Jones dropping the iPhone plaza footage hammers with Sundaze. 

Filmed over a couple of recent sunny Sunday's, Harry Jones' latest iPhone offering showcases the plaza's most popular bits. The hip, the block and t-block, and the rail. Which begs the question, are we spoilt with the plaza? I mean, parts of it just never seem to get used. Maybe I'm old and out of touch. Or maybe I'm just trying to come up with some content. I dunno. Either way, I enjoyed this.

On a different tip, is this the first proper plaza edit of 2017? I don't think I've seen anyone else drop one. Just Insta clips. Is 2017 the return of 3 minute edit?

Starring manoeuvres from handsome chaps such as Llyr, Nick Jones, Meatball, Mike Carroll, Fresh Kev, old boy on a hoverboard, Reids World, Scott, Billy, Jimmy Silv, Lewys Watkins, Carter, Lloyd, and Sean Barnes. Musical ditty by Sean Langdon-Dark.


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