State Footwear Spring 17 Review


State footwear; now available to buy online from CSC. Featuring new shoes, and a their first visual offering, 'free'.

Spring 17 is State's second season in the UK, with everything from the first season being fine tuned and some new models chucked into the mix.

If you haven't already seen it, check out 'free' over at Transworld now. Featuring some super raw street skills from Ben Gore, Jordan Sanchez, Kevin Coakley, Jon Nguyen, Christian Maalouf and new rider Jason Spivey. All filmed and edited buy the one and only Colin 'Mandible Claw' Read.

Apparently 'free' is the first in a series of edits dropping throughout the year. Pretty excited for them. Hopefully our boy Conor will get some coverage in them. 

State Footwear Spring 17 Range

State have really worked hard to create the holy trifecta of clean aesthetic, quality shoes and low cost. All the shoes feature a layer of perforated rubber underneath the suede for extra durability called Duraflick. Basically, once you wear through the suede, theres still a layer tough rubber to rip through before you're shredding your socks.

Another rad feature is the the extra rubber on the heel and toe outsole areas. This increases the sole's lifespan on the parts which normally wear out quickly. Who else gets annoyed when the sole wears out before the suede?

Furthermore, the insoles are fucking amazing. A LOT better than most other shoes on the market right now. They seriously feel something like Nike would bring out, rather than a small scale independent skater owned shoe brand.

Click here to view, shop and buy all our State Footwear product online at Cardiff Skateboard Club now.


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