Product Spotlight - Sour Solution Q4 2021

by Dan Bunn

Sour Solution are back with their signature blend of style and satire, bringing you a hilarious selection of skateboard decks, as well as fleeces and headwear to keep the cold at bay. 'Licious.

Tom Snape photo from his Free Skate Magazine Interview

Photo: Tom Snape by Gerard Riera from his Free Skate Mag interview

Straight off the bat, skateboard extraordinaire and mastermind behind the company, Gustav Tonnesen, has a beautifully bizarre new pro-model graphic. At first glance, the deck appears innocent enough with picturesque illustrated roses, which wouldn't look out of place on your Nan's tablecloth, and a sleek, cursive slogan. However, upon closer inspection, Håvard Ellefsen - otherwise known as Mortiis - the Norwegian electronic musician and former bass player of legendary black metal band, Emperor, can be seen perched atop the roses in his iconic spooky outfit. Likewise, while the deck's tagline could easily be mistaken for a ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ decal, in reality, the text reads ‘I shit these flowers into your nightmares’ - not exactly motivational vibes. You can’t beat a bit of juxtaposition, and Sour have hit the nail on the head with this one.

Sour 'Gustav Tonnesen - Nightmares' Skateboard Deck at Cardiff Skateboard Club

We're big fans of Tom Snape here at CSC. We're also big fans of excessively gory Samuel L. Jackson films with copious amounts of swearing. So, the new Sour skateboard deck, 'Snapes on a Plane', ticks a lot of boxes for us. The skateboard deck features a reimagining of one of the iconic promo photos from legendary thriller, Snakes on a Plane, with Tom Snape’s gurning face edited onto the body of Samuel L. Jackson - although we'll forgive you if you thought it was a picture of Adam Sandler. This surreal Snape/Jackson hybrid is surrounded by a chaotic scene that wouldn’t look out of place in the Old Testament (except for the fact it’s on an aeroplane), with passengers in varying stages of death and distress, and of course, plenty of ‘motherf*cking snakes’.

Sour 'Tom Snape - Snapes On A Plane' Skateboard Deck at Cardiff Skateboard Club

Another Sour skateboard deck with heavy cinematic themes is Albert Nyberg’s ‘Rosemary’ deck. Much like the Tom Snape's Snakes on a Plane-inspired deck, Nyberg's graphic plays on the theatrical release poster for the classic Roman Polanski thriller, Rosemary’s Baby, in which a young mother fears her neighbours are members of a Satanic cult who plan on using her newborn baby in their occult rituals. Originally, the film’s poster featured an image of the eponymous Rosemary’s face with a shadowy pram in the foreground. However, Sour’s reimagining replaces the pram with the silhouette of a scooter kid, helping to situate the film in a more modern context, and as we all know, if there’s one thing scarier than the ritual sacrifice of infants, it’s scooter kids.

Sour 'Albert Nyberg - Rosemary' Skateboard Deck at Cardiff Skateboard Club

The collection features too many bangin’ decks to be able to go in-depth with all of them, but some of our favourites include Simon Isaksson’s hilarious ‘Butthead’ deck, Nisse Ingemarsson's McDonald's-inspired 'Over IT' skateboard deck, Josef Scott Jatta’s ‘TGIF II’ deck which features the OG 'Nerd on Computer' meme, and Oscar Candon’s ‘Paint’ deck. Be sure to head to the store and check out the full collection available at CSC to witness the full extent of Sour’s graphical greatness.

Sour 'Simon Isaksson - Butthead' Skateboard Deck at Cardiff Skateboard Club
Sour 'Josef Scott Jatta - TGIF II' Skateboard Deck at Cardiff Skateboard Club

Sour's latest drop also features a wide range of new headwear, as well as some returning classics. Everyone's favourite trousers, the 'City Safari’ cargo pants make a return, alongside the ‘Spothunter’ ¼-zip fleece in forest green and black to help keep you warm while you’re hitting the streets. Other winter warmers include a selection of beanies in various styles and colours, including the return of the ‘Sweeper’ and ‘GM’ beanies, as well as the new ‘Smokey’ cap which goes hand-in-hand with the new ‘Smokey’ skateboard decks.

Sour 'Spothunter' 1/4-Zip Fleece available at Cardiff Skateboard Club

Sour have also brought back their signature 'Lemon' skateboard wax, and this time it actually smells like lemons! Pretty much everyone who saw this wax in the shop instantly picked it up and gave it a sniff, only to be disappointed by its lack of aroma, so it's nice to see Sour giving the people what they want and coming through with that heavenly lemon scent... Anyone else craving a Damm Limon?

Sour 'Lemon' Skateboard Wax available at Cardiff Skateboard Club

That's enough chit-chat though. Head over to the store to check out the full range of Sour products available at Cardiff Skateboard Club. Safe.

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