Shred For Palestine Jam

Reid's Shred for Palestine fundraiser jam in aid of SkatePal at Spit last week went off! Watch the footage of all your favourite people at your favourite park doing your favourite moves now.

You all probably know by now that resident Slough-come-CSC-35m-Guiness-ledge Reid Allen is off to Palestine in September with SkatePal to help teach kids how to skate and maintain skateparks in a country that's been repeatedly dicked over by the rest of the world for pretty much ever. Sick right? You can donate to his fund and learn more about what he'll be doing out there at his GoFundMe page.

Taking a slightly different approach to the usual Spit jam, Reid concocted up some fresh ideas for best trick scenarios including the road gap challenge and the kicker to couch challenge a-la Frosty's pizza ollie. This made a well received change that was only matched by the deliciousness of the falafel addition to Spit's menu. Team that up with Ed Carter providing some seriously to-notch beats and lots and lots of Andre Nickatina and live performances from Nigel and Gutter Knife in the park makes for some proper money baybee.

Top shredders of the day included Lewys Watkins, Nick Jones, Sean Barnes, Kev Barry, Bailey, Jollie, and litte'uns Jack and Gabe. Shout outs to Reid for being the man with the plan, Christian, Nia, Becca and Tom for serving every pissed up helm at the bar with beers and great food, musical talents of Ed, Nigel & Gutter Knife, Bailey for the pretty pictures, Keen Dist, Polar, Quasi, Wayward and RipNDip for the prizes and obviously every who came, skated, slammed, drank, smoke, laughed, and fidget spinned.
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