Severn Winter 16 Hats


New in to CSC; Severn headwear, ready to buy now.

After debuting last year with a heavy team and some strong visual output, Severn are quickly getting a name for themselves. 

Their Winter 16 collection features the Bricks 6 panel re-worked with new materials, including vegan friendly suede.

Along with the Bricks are new Slit 6 panel and 1966 dad hats, depicting the Severn Bridge. I guess you can guess why they put it on a hat. And now I know that the bridge was opened in 1966. Can't wait use that bit trivia in the pub quiz.

Also in the range are the no nonsense Militant roll up beanies. Simple thick ribbed roll up beanies with a small clamp label on the cuff. Pretty subtle, and everyone double rolls their beanies now anyway.

Peep game at their most recent edit, Tide below. It's got Commander Keen Conor Charleson, Will Creswick, Manny Lopez, Sam Murgatroyd, Ben Rowley, our lad Jimmy Silver and some addition disco moves from Harry Lintell & Arran Horton.


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