Product Spotlight - Thrasher Magazine Issue #509

by Dan Bunn

The new issue of Thrasher mag is in and this is one for the history books thanks to Tyshawn's epic subway kickflip cover and a whole host of legendary interviews.

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Thrasher Magazine Issue 509 December 2022 with Tyshawn Jones subway kickflip cover - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

While many SLAP users dared to dream that 2022 may finally be the year that long-time legend, Louie Lopez, receives the highly-coveted SOTY Trophy, you know seeing as he's been killing it since he was like 10 years old and he's already come through with several bangin' parts this year. However, the powers that be have deemed this outcome unacceptable and Tyshawn Jones has been called forth to protect the interests of the anti-Louie Lopez regime with a hectic NBD kickflip for the cover.

Tyshawn Jones Fakie Heelflip from Thrasher Issue 509, photo by Ben Colen - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

Joking aside, the cover of Thrasher Magazine Issue 509 is definitely one of the heaviest we've ever seen with Tyshawn making history by launching a monstrous kickflip over the 145th Street subway station train tracks while Atiba has the unenviable job of lying in the rat shit-covered tracks to snap the picture. Understandably, the picture has raised a lot of hype, with many believing the photo signifies TJ making another run for the SOTY Trophy - and seeing as his recent part didn't feature the footage it seems like he's still got something up his sleeve for later in the year.

Inside the mag, Thrasher have come through with 255 pages of goodness. Issue 509 packs a load of really interesting pieces alongside their usual features, including a trio 'Heads' interviews with Eetu Toropainen, Ulph Andersson and Mariah Duran; an interview with Jim Greco about his recent video; an interesting piece about what it's like being a team manager with some of the industry's top TMs; and of course, an interview with The General himself, Tyshawn Jones.

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