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Dan Bunn

Coinciding with the release of their new video, 'HOW DO WE GET TO MEADOWVILLE?', the latest collection from London-based legends, Serious Adult, has just landed in-store with a range of high-quality tees and crewnecks to help keep you feeling warm and looking fresh this winter.

This concise collection features banger after banger, including the iconic 'Mascot' tees and 'Thinking Man' crews, with absolutely zero filler. Landing just in time for Christmas, these delightful pieces definitely won't be around for long so make sure you grab one while you can to avoid disappointment.

Serious Adult 'Hoofs' Tee (White) at Cardiff Skateboard Club

Lovingly manufactured to the highest possible standards by London-based, skater-run printing company, Repro Print Co, Serious Adult's clothing is guaranteed to keep you cosy throughout these harsh winter months. With their 200 GSM 100% cotton tees and 305 GSM crewnecks, you won't have to worry about getting cold and can instead flaunt the incredible graphics Serious Adult has to offer, as well as your appreciation for lesser-know UK skate brands. It's a win-win.

Serious Adult Thinking Man Crew in Ash Grey

One of our favourite pieces from the collection has to be the 'Thinking Man' crew, which is available in Black or Ash Grey. The crew features some amazing embroidery on the chest with a large Serious Adult logo in a vibrant blue stitch accompanied by a thoughtful-looking ginger cherub poking his head over the top. The perfect blend between cute and cool, be warned that your partner will almost definitely be stealing this off of you.

Serious Adult Thinking Man Crew in Black

Another absolute heater from this drop, the iconic 'Mascot' Tee is sure to be a favourite. The tee features an anthropomorphic can that looks suspiciously like a can of Red Stripe, aside from the Serious Adult logo emblazoned upon it. A shining example of Serious Adult's playful and cartoonish design, this banger would make a perfect Christmas gift for anyone who's partial to a can of Caribbean lager.

Serious Adult 'Mascot' Tee in Ash Grey

Last but not least, the final piece in this short-but-sweet collection is the 'Hoofs' tee, available as a shortsleeve tee in White or Black, as well as a Black longsleeve. This tee gives us some serious Punch and Judy vibes with the cheeky, cartoon devils characters alongside the vibrant, contrasting font. We're big fans of the use of dotted shading in this, which helps give the design a textured look. The perfect addition to anyone's wardrobe.

Serious Adult 'Hoofs' Tee in Black

That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop now to buy the full range of Serious Adult clothing at Cardiff Skateboard Club. Safe.

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